Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I just done reading a random book. Each time I finished a book and I am impressed how the author has the ability to make me cry by just reading words. haha Without motion pictures nor sound, all I have is the imagination gone wild in my mind based on the script given by the author. 

Close the eyes and start to doodle the leads images in my mind according to the description given. Try to hypnotize myself that I am in their situations so if they are now in winter season, hmmm yes I have to feel cold and adapt myself. That's pretty crazy. 

Black and white...


Are pretty powerful and amazing, it's like a lesson learnt. No wonder wise men always ask people to read more books and experience the fun yourself. In fact, I quite like reading in a sense of killing time and entertaining myself but quite bored wanna read those academic books for examination purposes. 


Another thing...I am super kepoh therefore I read blogs to know (people's) world's stuffs and learn new things from the posts. Hey seriously, I can learn from them. It shares the same theory like watching TV shows meanwhile learn the language from the subtitles provided below. At least that's how I learn my tiny bitsy Korean from. Not a full sentence though. 

Feb 2015 is coming to the end soon, that's fast! I have achieve nothing yet 1/6 of 2015 is gone. Time waits for no man, that's true. 

Okay ciao!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Goat's Year Day 1

Happy Goat Year to all of you!! 

I saw white, green, blue and yellow are my lucky colours 
therefore I wore 3 of them today on this
very first day of the lunar calendar. 

May the people I love and people who love me
stay in good health and wealth 
and also stay safe 

Enjoy this festive season to feast without guilt

H U A T~~~ ahhhh

Wisdom is only found in truth