Friday, July 03, 2015

July is here!

Turn on the music please! Because it's Friday night. 

I used to rant this and that on this platform daily then neglect it more and more. The other was reading Xiaxue's Dayre on Instagram is getting boring as day goes by. She did mention bossming asked her not to give up blogging. Those 3 words ring a bell in my mind as a friend of mine said the same thing to me. 

She told me not to close this space but use it as an open diary to keep record of events in life. True, this space has a total of almost 8 years of my memories being stored. I don't read back as I feel quite embarrassed to my own words and look back those old photos. No doubt I was younger back then but I kaki rasa was uglier too. hahaha 

Back to the topic

Oh yeah, July. Yes, the second half of 2015 has begun since three days ago. The clock ticks slower when you are counting the time but when you don't, it rockets off in seconds. 

It's my birthday month. I don't celebrate it big now and don't purposely feast on this month anymore. However, it's still a day for mini celebration with the family perhaps. I already have a food list in my mind. Why I don't feast big on this month anymore? I feel like I have every reason to feast on any day now. 

Initially I thought of losing a tiny kg before my birthday to at least a present for myself but it looks impossible now. haha 

Thankful for the awesome first half of 2015 and now I am wishing for another wonderful 6 months in 2015. Spread the love. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

Monday, June 29, 2015

Durian is yummy!

Durian is no doubt the king of the fruits because the demand for it is stronger than others. I heard that this year we have more supply of durian due to the good weather. This news thrills me. I have big big love for this yummy creamy fruit therefore I really hope those who dislike the scent of it should give it a try. 

But on second thought, I find the scent of smelly tofu is unbearable and refuse to give it a chance to enter my mouth. Perhaps this is the same reason for those who find durian awful. 

Skip a meal for durian feast is always a YES. Pardon me for using a spoon simply because I don't want to dirty my hand. It will be a rather sinful meal than having a proper main course. Don't weigh in next few days as the figures might saddened me. lol 

Hello businessmen, buy more durian to keep it in the freezer please. I want durian snow skin mooncake in September pretty please!! I wonder am I the only one who has craving for mooncake all year long. 

Wisdom is only found in truth