Monday, August 31, 2015

Happening August 2015

It's the last 30 minutes of August 2015 while I am typing this. I did not expect myself to have so many activities happening in this month to fully occupied my schedule, but in a good way. 

Before I start my post, hey Malaysia, my beautiful homeland, happy Merdeka!! I wish you could turn even more beautiful and better, and groom more awesome good-hearted Malaysians. We need more kind, generous, honest, wise and humble Malaysians. It would be better if they do have leadership traits as a bonus to bring us all to a brighter future. 

Last but not least, please stop the depreciation of MYR currency. I dare not look at the foreign currency rate update. It is so sad to learn the fact that my money in the bank account is getting leaner. This is not the way which I wish to tone my body. 

Done with that part. 

August is also the month which my sis got her marriage certificate. It was only a ROM day and all of us were so tired. My mum and I concluded that we salute celebrities who got up early and carry full make up whole day to wait for the shoot. 

Not many photos were taken that day but I managed to take a few of myself. haha 

We went to the balloons and I thought it looks cool to take picture with a bunch of them. The parking lots were quite empty therefore it's a good opportunity to steal a pose. I really like this navy blue jumpsuit culottes from DoubleWoot. It would be perfect if I got it a size smaller then I could avoid pulling the top all the time. 

Okay, I just got back from a Merdeka long weekend short escape trip. It's time to sleep and endorse with my Tuesday blue tomorrow. Work and work to anticipate for a better vacation in the future. Cheers!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

Thursday, July 30, 2015

You Are The Best | 최고다 이순신

Just done watching this year 2013 Korean drama - You are the best
TV is currently airing this so I watched a little and decided to search for online source because I can't wait to know the ending. haha

Now only I know that KBS is actually putting its drama online for foreigner audience. Awww so thoughtful and lovely. The demand for K-drama is very big therefore they must have earned quite a number from the ads in between the drama. An hour drama has approximate 8 ads in total. But fret not, I always wait for that 5 seconds to pass then click 'Skip ads'

It's super annoying when it's climax like when the leads are going to kiss or something bad happens then ads pop out. wow the super mainstream kind of commercial break. lol

In conclusion, this drama is quite nice. It's about the showbiz in South Korea. Soon Shin, who is the female lead got adopted but just found out her biological mother is actually the veteran actress in the showbiz industry. The romance between Soon Shin and Jun Ho (male lead) is loving too.

Now I am still hunting for the next drama to watch.

Wisdom is only found in truth