Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Villa Aya, Seminyak

The first things about Bali that came into my mind were cozy villa, relax and enjoy. All we want is a Balinese style kinda trip. A slower pace trip which we could relax our minds and rest our souls. We did have a difficult time in making our decision on where to stay and what kind of accommodations do we require. 

Based on the pictures available online and we picked this, Villa Aya at Seminyak. The villa did send a driver to pick us up from the airport. There were 6 of us but there were 2 MPVs so we thought perhaps they might think that 1 vehicle has insufficient space for us plus our baggages. Happily boarded and looking forward to reach our villa after the long haul flight (all the waiting). 

It turned out they were trying to use two vehicles to bring us to go walk around and go makan therefore they could charge us for two cars. Likewise, we brilliantly turned down their offer. Stopped at the roadside and made 6 of us in the same vehicle. It's really eyes opening to see how they drive in Bali. Stop at the roadside, road shoulder or make a U-turn just anywhere you like. 

Before we changed to the other car, our driver started the conversation normally then it started to get connected with money. He asked us, you must be rich right? So how much do you gonna give me later? Errr why you ask this? 

Finally arrived at the villa and it was already in the evening. It's okay still bright enough for a picture like this. Everyone was still looking good though.

We were stuck at the reception was quite some time due to some technical or communication problem. Our friend swiped CC while booking the room so we thought everything was done and all we need to do is to collect the room keys when we arrived. Who knows they told us they did not charge us and require us to pay at that moment. If none of us has brought along the CC, then we might have to do busking on the street. haha

Friends busy liaising with the receptionist and I volunteered to take care of our baggages. Took this opportunity to take a picture with my little white. 

This is not a decorative item but an incense burner, an offering to the God. At first I was curious of this thing till I see them everywhere on the streets then it is understood. They do prayings in the middle of the road too. It's another eye opening to Balinese culture.

The little roundabout in front of the reception. There is a common swimming pool but we don't need it. hehehe
Pulling our baggages to our villa still die die wanna take picture even though the road is not smooth, not easy to pull the bags. 

We stepped in and wooooooooooooooooow!! It's really a villa like in the pictures. Excuse me for being so bumpkin

This is the first room next to the main entrance. It's an independent building by itself.

Lemongrass cold tea as the welcome drinks. Cheers and get the night started!

This is where my roommate and I spent for the 3 nights. The room is so big, a walk-in closet with dressing table and super spacious bathroom. They came to clean the room every morning after we left for tour but still came back to a cooling room. I know it's not eco-friendly but we need it after a long day.

This is the outdoor shower in indoor. Understand? haha We done wow-ing then started to worry to shower alone. Everything looks creepy so we decided to leave the door slightly open. 
Yeah, that pavilion over there is where the kitchen and the dining table. See we have a private pool in our villa where we dipped our legs in and sipped white wine. Just a little pity that I didn't swim in it. 

Same view in the morning.

Everywhere in Bali has this egg flower. Don't even need to buy a hair pin of this flower, Just pick a fresh one and put it behind your ear.

Finally showing you the entrance to my room. Mine is on the left but those two rooms are linked.

Next to the door has another shower. Fuyoh I wonder they actually allow how many people to stay in this villa which only has 3 rooms.

The night before they would call and us what kind of breakfast do we prefer the next day. The staffs would come over and prepare the breakfast at the kitchen. If none of us get up yet, they would come over to knock on the door and shout, MORNING!! MORNING!! hahahaha

The last breakfast at the villa before we move on to the airport.

Overall, we quite like the villa for the cosy feeling and in house breakfast. Got up, brush our teeth then just come out for breakfast. Needless to wake up earlier to doll ourselves.

Convenience wise, walk out of the alley and there's plenty of restaurants available and their local convenience stores nearby. A 5 minutes walk to Seminyak square and lotsa local designer boutique nearby. No worries if you wish to buy more bikini or do some shopping, Rip Curl, Billabong, Havaianas and other stores are reachable by walking.

15 minutes walk to Ku De Ta, Bali. That's another wonderful experience with my girls. Shall leave a single post to that dining experience. Like I said, I like to make myself a bumpkin (but really is) who wow everywhere so everything is fresh, interesting and exciting for me.

Done introducing Villa Aya.   

Wisdom is only found in truth

Saturday, September 27, 2014


My friend tagged me this long ago and I thought I should sit down to think about myself now. Just anything I could think be it visible or invisible still facts about me. 

Let's get started!

  1. I love to blog. It's a way to keep record of my life, somehow it's like a public diary of mine for everyone to read. 
  2. I love to eat.
  3. Because I love to eat therefore I am addicted to taking pictures of food before I eat it. 
  4. For everyday I am shouting I am fat but forever too lazy to exercise or go on serious diet. #faildietplan
  5. I was borned with natural wavy hair and got teased in school. Lesser now. One of the statements was I look like a lion with that frizzy curly mane. T.T
  6. I am neither cute nor pretty but still trying my best to make myself looking good. #positivenergy
  7. I do have bad temper and serious mood swings. Typical Cancerian I must say.
  8. Hanging out with friends is one of my favourite moments. 
  9. Have been keeping long hair for 12 years. No idea when to chop it short yet. 
  10. I love to do grocery shopping. Pushing the trolley and throwing in all my favourite food. 
  11. I never like to talk to stranger, that's why I hate to call to make any reservation or consultation via phone call. 
  12. My favourite tea choices go to Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea. 
  13. Pimples start to haunt me and never go away from me. T.T #realsadcase
  14. I learnt when I travel so please bring me around the world with you. haha
  15. Regardless the time of a day, I must sleep with blanket covering me. e.g hot weather 
  16. I like to disturb my friends via social messenger. Damn excited to wish everyone when there is festive or birthday but now I select people to wish. I can kacau people to say, hey I miss you (thought very ang moh like that) but now only say it to selected people too. All these resulted from cold treatment or response from people. haha You people changed me!
  17. I enjoy deep conversation with friends (male or female) for whatever topic. 
  18. I used to play the electronic organ for many years but now I have forgotten how to read a music score. #doublefailmax
  19. Whenever I see any recipe, I will be tempted to try. Baking and cooking look fun. 
  20. I never liked to keep long nails. Feel irritating to have long nails, not convenient also.

Now you know me better, I guess.

Wisdom is only found in truth