Thursday, April 24, 2014

You know you love coffee

In the mood to blog but have no idea how to blog it quickly yet not too dull. I suppose.

So for the past few weeks, I have been doing cafe hopping to enjoy the coffee dates. I like coffee fragrance, it always smell so good. It is even better when it comes along with a slice of cake or other small bites like waffles or cookies. Immediately you feel so blissful to have them in your mouth. haha! Am I right?! 

It was a day after self revision and I buat bising wanna go lim kopi so we went. If only this is my high tea at my house garden, just like those in Korean drama. *smack head, stop daydreaming* 

Forgotten what latte is this because mine is another glass of caramel macchiato. hehehehe Speaking of that drink, I never noticed a spoon was given to me so I did not stir the caramel at all. I only came to realise it when I had almost bottomed up the glass. OMG FAIL!!!

Macadamia nuts latte with a yummy yummy chestnut macaron. This is heavenly wonderful beautiful and powerful. hahahaha There is a reason why I love to go to coffee house (the quiet and not noisy ones) because I love to be embraced by coffee fragrance. You know if you go makan tze char then your hair your apparels will have the smell of what you ate for dinner. 

Don't believe me? Go to a tze char stall or mamak shop...prove my hypothesis wrong.

Croque Madame. I am an avid fan for pastry like bread. This has to be one of my favourites because it has egg and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Besides, it comes along with complementary salad. Tick!! Worth the price paid. An enjoyable dining experience. 

Ta-dahhh!! Football cake for the Manchester United hardcore fan, the BIL. Bro is also sharing this cake as their bday is just a day different. It's cool when you have a family member who has a hobby in baking, all you need to do is to lay back and wait for it to be ready. Then EAT!!! 

So anyone wanna order any fancy cake from us? Welcome welcome...

The end. woohoo done blogging, not even fast =.=
Hmmmm a little pun to share. The other day was going to shower then I told my mum, I wanna go bom bom liao!! She gave me this face >>>>>>>> (=.=) then asked me, how old are you??

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Why can't I go bom bom leh? =p

Wisdom is only found in truth

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cingjing farm

I am currently so into blogging backdated trip post hence explains why I blog again. Throwback to my June-July 2013 10 days trip to Taiwan. We went to Cingjing farm on the 5th day. We apportioned the morning for the farm but something cropped up in that morning therefore we had a very fast view. However, we still managed to take many photos and bought some souvenirs.

So sorry to Mr. Chan for this photo. I just wanna say you gotta stamp on your hand as your ticket. Was it compulsory, I can't even remember it.


Get near to the forever sleepy looking sheeps. Hmmm they are kinda stink. 

We were lucky to 'take part' in the windmill festival they held during that period. There were so many small windmills over the hill.

Blue sky, green grass with beautiful scenery. How not to relax at this place but it would be so much better if it wasn't that hot. hehehe It seems to be a very nice place for photography session. Don't you agree with me?

Done posting about the first point we went to on the 5th day. A few more points to go but not in this post.

Wisdom is only found in truth