Sunday, October 26, 2014

Colourful play dough

Little girl was making a hard time for us and my mum got an idea to occupy that little girl. Kneaded dough and put in some coloring to make this session more interesting. We gave her some mould to "chop" the shape out. 

Hey don't they look so colorful? But too bad it is not edible. They actually look quite yummy. Never mind try doing edible version next time. Haha 

This is one way of saving money in getting "cheap" toy. Of course, it's better if they are made into real cookies so all materials won't gone to waste. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last summer in Taiwan

Grey sky, cool weather so I shall blog about my last summer trip in Taiwan last year. A year has past and now Taiwan has entered into this year's autumn though. Part of the reason of why I choose to blog it plainly because friends are travelling in Taiwan and I miss my lovely trip back in Taiwan too. 
The only way to make me stop dreaming for more holidays is to blog it. 

Visit this Yehliu Geopark during Summer is like a wrong decision. The super hot weather discouraged me to move forward to check out those 'stones'. The day before both of my legs got bitten by sand flies so they were irritably itchy especially under the heat. I was chanting for air-cond air-cond air-cond if possible. 

Spot for the Queen's head yourself. I chose to admire its beauty from afar. 

Done. No idea what to caption them. haha

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