Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday celebration for Kang Wei

So into the mood in blogging but this little friend of mine - Dello (my laptop) for many years pulled a prank on me. I almost thought it is really too old to serve me anymore. However, it is not. It is still doing good (with some flu) and ready to work for me.

A week has passed, time flies. Let me continue with the heartwarming gathering with my lovely college friends. We had this plan to throw a belated birthday party for our friend, Kang Wei whose birthday fell on August, but a week passed on the date of our gathering. It has been a while since we or maybe just me to prepare for a surprise party like this.

Let's share how did we get away from his attention or suspicion. We used whatever reason to excuse ourselves after the KTV session then rushed to buy whatever we could get in the store to decorate. Now I know where to get those stuffs, Mr. DIY is indeed a convenience store, even more convenient than a 7-eleven. 

Green tea red bean cake. The cake looks like a grassland and those colourful candles look cute standing there. This cake is nice and I miss it. It is priced at a price I could never get it in Jay Bee for the tastefulness. Therefore, it is now in my must-eat-list when I go back to Melaka again.

We even bought party hat (sadly only kids size, too small for me) and those toys to brighten up the party. When we were arranging everything while waiting for the birthday boy to arrive at our rented house, we had a few seconds of wrong thought that we were actually celebrating Children's day, weren't we? This brings out the little kids in us, naive yet cheerful.

Testing how does it look in the dark. Oh my god, it looks super nice right? It's like a little romantic as well. Like what one of them said, it is like planning surprise party for the boyfriend or what. hahaha

Let me show you the photos of the preparation before the arrival of the male lead of the night.

[Behind the scene]

The balloons are really so hard to blow. I tried to help and took one tentative to blow but first blow I almost go out of breath. I was sick so I cough non-stop therefore I thought that is why I have difficulty in blowing balloons but my friends said, it's really hard. haha  

Thanks to the technology of these days, we could use texting to communicate with friends and know when to get ready. The knocking on the door still made us really nervous, everyone got into their positions before the door's opened.

[Here comes the lime light of the night] 

My camera doesn't work right in the dark. These two photos were taken using flash light, that's why.

Haiyo what is a party without food, right? This is just the appetizer before the real small dinner. Somehow I think my friends' appetite has became smaller. Why they eat not much and keep yelling, SO FULL SO FULL? Seriously ah? Then I also pai seh to say,,,actually I don't feel full wor. hahaha

End this post with our group photo. All with happy faces and I am so glad that we have this technology to capture down the happy comments with each other. When is the next gathering like this? And...luckily we have this height of fridge in the house to allow us to make use of it as a tripod.

Say cheese! Looking forward the next gathering. =D

Wisdom is only found in truth

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Come to Tamsui, Taipei surely have to come to this famous Fisherman's Wharf. What is it famous for (put aside food and drinks)? ERRRRR...perhaps the bridge it is. 

Having busker on the street perhaps is one of the cultures in Taiwan too. Hey dude, go for your dream and good luck!! 

***Till this point, I am too lazy to continue so shall continue writing this post after mood kicks in***

Okay I drafted the above at 23 July 2014 and now it is 16th August 2014. I wasn't really that busy but just not free to share my life here. haha I am super active on Instagram though.

What else to see at this fisherman's wharf but this lovers' bridge. woohoo But it was so crowded and seriously couldn't find a spot to take a picture with it so I don't even have a picture of me with the bridge.  
But my friend has it. haha 

The three musketeers!!

This was the place we got bitten by the sand flies. Damn itchy can for the remaining days at Taipei. Walk for few steps and I need to stop to scratch to stop the itch. Think back, it was really so irritating and annoying. So next time going anywhere, should prepare a small bag of medicine, just in case.

Done a little shopping at Tamsui night market then off we went to Shihlin night market to find their local delicacies to fill the stomach. Cannot tahan, too overwhelm with all those foods and had a difficult time in choosing which to eat. 
My friend strongly recommend this to us. First time trying this and I find it quite unique in a way that it's not too sweet but not bland. Can give it a try.

 Stayreal mascot statue. So cute and couldn't resist but to take picture of it. 

For the rest of the time at Shihlin night market was just walking around to buy clothes and food and more food. We split into two groups so the 4 of us went for our late dinner at the underground food court kind of place. 

One thing I don't like for travelling is I always drink very little water and tend to look for cold sugary drinks. That's really bad but couldn't help it. 

Done writing this post. I wish go back to Taiwan and try those yummy food. In fact, I wish to just go anywhere to travel, a free and easy trip without tight schedule. Can I?! Visit a new city/place/country every year at least. 

Wisdom is only found in truth