Thursday, June 01, 2017

Good Day Mate, Busan

''Where to stay in Busan?"

That was our first question when we decided to visit Busan, the second largest city of South Korea. We eventually chose Good Day Mate because it is near to the Haeundae beach which we think it is an advantage to us. It is really easy to locate this place once we came out from Haeundae Station Exit 3, turn left before Daiso and continue to walk for few metres, and the premise is on our right.

This is the main entrance of the hotel or hostel or airbnb and the moment I walked into the premise, I really like the concept of the interior design of Good Day Mate. It has the industrial and rustic feel yet so comfortable.

This is the kitchen where the breakfast will be served every morning. Feel free to drink the tea or coffee if you like a cup of one or two. That's nice.

Look at our room for 4. Minimalist design but it has everything that a traveller needs and that is perfect. It has enough sun ray in the room, quite spacious, hair dryer (saviour for female) and the bed is so soft compared to our beds back at the Gosiwon. Most importantly, they keep the room so clean and tidy. What more to ask for, right?

The bathroom is spacious too but I feel quite insecure with the not fully tinted window. haha There are lines where we can see outside so does that mean when I shower at night with the lights on, people from the opposite building might see me?

The dressing counter in the room. A small round mirror is sufficient as there is one big mirror in the bathroom so fret not. Another reason for liking this room was the number of sockets in the room. In the era of feeding our devices, we need them so much.

The picture in the frame is Bay 101, the skyline of Busan when all the skyscrapers lit up.

By 10pm, they will lock the main entrance and guest will have to enter via the side door. They will also dim the lights at the ground floor (kitchen and reception area). Two of my friends slept early so me and my friend decided to go downstairs to chat but it was way too quiet and we dared not speak too loudly as well. In the end, we gave up and went back to the room to sleep. LOL

I was impressed when I saw the breakfast on my second day of stay. Cereals, nuts, yogurt, banana and egg (please fry it yourself).

I like the nuts so much because they are so fresh and crunchy. The reason of liking this breakfast is also because it is healthy. omnomnom I guess I should also prepare a variety of nuts at home as snacks too.

A cup of black coffee, a bowl of cereal with milk and a slice of toast topped with an egg. Banana as side!

We were still early for our train back to Seoul therefore we rested our legs at Good Day Mate after claiming our baggage (Thanks for helping us to keep our baggage after check-out). And also, thank you for letting us to stay there to rest. That was also when we got to chat a little with the boss. I grabbed the chance to ask him about the interior design because I really like it.

Kane, the boss, is a very friendly and hospitable person. He was studying in an English speaking country therefore our conversation was in English although he does speak Mandarin as well. Thanks for sharing your life experience with us! I think I gotta really think of what do I want and where am I heading to. If you have no idea how to explore Busan, you may ask for his advice.

If I ever visit Busan again in the future, this place will definitely be in my list. I really enjoyed my stay there.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Deoksugung Palace λ•μˆ˜κΆ in Seoul

I have heard of its name but never got a chance to visit it until yesterday. During my visit, I managed to watch the changing of Royal Guard ceremony at the Dae Han Mun upon entering into the Deoksugung. The ceremony was kinda long which made me wondering if they took such long time in the past too. 

Every last Wednesday of each month is Culture Day so visitors get to visit all palaces free of charge. We found out it and thought of why not so we went there. Its usual entrance fee is 1,000KRW which is one third of the entrance fee of Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung.

This palace is so much smaller compared to the main palaces. We completed the whole tour in less than an hour and left with no place to go. It was already close to the closing time of the palace so not in time to visit other palaces instead. 

I was surprised to see this Western style building in the palace. By looking at just this photo, perhaps it doesn't look like any building that will exist in Seoul.

The lowest rank of the government officers stood here for the assembly with the Emperor in those days.

This is where the highest rank officers stood in those days. Does standing closer to the Emperor means that the chances of your voice being heard are higher? 

How to get there?
Subway station - City Hall Exit 12 go straight and it's the main entrance of Deoksugung.

It's always so fun to visit the palace. I can't help but to think how did the royalty live in the palace and curious about their daily lives in the building. Is the drama portraying exactly what happened in the past? *curious curious*