Monday, May 31, 2010


 Happy 21st Birthday
Hiu Kei

I made one video for her with photos
OK just a simple one
but still I feel happy when people press 'LIKE'
you could view it at my facebook

Last Saturday had a small gathering
and a simple celebration

Place: Pure Fruit Juice Bar
Location: Taman Sutera
we quickly took photo before the customers who reserved it came

Jenga is our entertainment tool for the day

mini donuts from J.Co replaced the traditional birthday cake
I wish.....
That's her present from us
Bag from Espirit
a pair of socks as well

This pretty lady beside just found her Mr. Right
so everyone just couldn't stop bombing her
was just fun and interesting
I like this photo
Girls of the day

There's a short story behind this photo. I asked the waitress help us to take a picture. An uncle beside just interrupt and said, your flash isn't on so your photo won't look nice. He seems like a pro so I just turned the mode to P and passed the camera to him. I always faint when I saw the result. The photo background was so dark. I thought if he is a pro he might just change the setting. Who knows he said, maybe you have changed something. So he took photo again and I see the result still @.@ He changed it to Auto mode. OK let me clarify, I don't mean I am good at shooting but if you are not a pro or what..why are you so busybody offer to help people take photo when you took such a lousy photo? That's one thing I seriously don't understand, why the waitress can't put the camera parallel to the floor or straight and must put the camera a bit slanting? I have a difficult time by twisting my neck when I look at the photos. For sure I will edit those photos and make it straight, easier for me to see. hehe No style in shooting is my style.    

Wisdom is only found in truth

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