Monday, May 31, 2010


I did mention I wanna go to Bugis Village again and I really did. We went there straight by bus. A week's time passed and there's more new things. So many things to see. Finally, I couldn't resist and bought a stick of fish balls. Then we continued our mission walking up and there. Oh ya, today I read Reader's Digest, it written that try out few clothes at fitting room can burn calories but asked you not to buy them. haha OK back to Bugis. There's not that crowded like usual so we had our own sweet time shopping over there. Most of the time, I go for quantity instead of quality which means I don't go for designer's brands. This allows me to buy more things and could keep changing. Please do not ask me why are you always wearing the same pieces since you go for quantity. 

recently too crazy about this
the dress I wore from Bugis too
10 bucks

Bugis Village is really a place for low salary people but pursuing latest fashion. My heaven. I accomplished my mission for going there. Therefore, we headed to the mall. There's new machines at the NeoPrint shop. We had a tough time choosing the machine. See the photos below~ OK, standing beside Ying I look even more gigantic and fat with big head. The both of us just had our hairdo the previous day. 

We saw Chipmunks at the CD shop. Alvin did not sing for me. hehe I totally forgot there's a Kinokuniya there. I went in and bought a book. Books are real expensive. Finally I get to taste the snacks at B1 before we walked to MRT.

Last Friday was Wesak Day so I went to temple as usual. I prepared my short script one night before. haha So, I said everything to Buddhas after closing my eyes and putting my palms together. FYI, you get to bath the Buddha too. What's the meaning of it? You gotta Google about it =) There's a puppy and it came after I showed it the signal. It first licked my knee then jumped on me to lick my both hands. So cute~~~

Wisdom is only found in truth


LeeSZ said...

omg. ur picture really nice~ wat camera u use? got edit?

Evelyn`Wann said...

Nikon D5000
Yaya edited..enhance colour =)

huahua said...

wann... i like that shoes!!

Evelyn`Wann said...

me too..I like the colour~~