Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ip Man 2

I have been yelling and screaming that I wanna watch Ip Man 2 on study week but didn't go. I saw Lee Yen after first paper and asked her, has she watch that movie? She told me, wow so nice must go. Last Tuesday which was the last paper, she asked me did I go to watch that movie yet before we entered into the exam hall. haha I answered NO with my sour face. Finally I went to watch it with my siblings and bro-in-law on Saturday night. I like that movie, overall is nice. You wouldn't be bored by any scene in the movie as you will be humored. We should say NO to discrimination. At the end of the movie, you could find moral value too. That lousy skinny police was arrested after Mr. Ip Man won the competition over Twister. I kept telling myself, wow I am proud to be a Chinese. Not only during that little 2 hours but I always do. I like how he patiently taught the disciple and solved the problems.

Below are the photos of the real Mr. Ip Man... =) Master of Weng Chun
Everyone knows his famous disciple. OK, you might not that he is his disciple but for sure you know who he is. The name of his disciple is Bruce Lee. *uh-huh is another Lee*

Wisdom is only found in truth

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