Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Singapore Part 2

The second day of the trip is the one made us worn out. However, that's the day where we bought and satisfied the most =) 

We went straight to Vivo City and had our lunch at the food junction. That Taiwan minced meat rice is nice and the portion is quite a lot. No photo for this as I pai seh wanna take @@. I have been dreaming of going to the shop where selling all overseas thing again and I went. I bought only a packet of iced coffee milk and couldn't bring back others. Papa, I wanna go there again to buy the biscuits and milk!!! 
 It looks a bit foggy 

We still managed to take photos at outdoor before it rained again. After that we went to Daiso and Pet shop. That dog is so cute and I just tried my very best to molest him here and there since he allowed me to touch. hahaha 

I saw something which I hesitated for quite long time and didn't buy it in the end. FT Island's mini album, ok it's not a new album but I just want to own it. T.T We went into an accessories shop and the girl asked where are we from. 
Immediately we rushed to Bugis since it's not raining anymore. We spent hours at Bugis Village (opposite Bugis Junction). I have bought what I wanted so much recently. How should I match it??? I am thinking of going there again before my stressful 3rd year starts. There's so many nice food on the way to MRT station from Bugis Junction but too bad always I have no chance to taste it as no place to sit. I saw the cake, puffs, korean snacks and many more. Due to our laziness to walk up again, we just simply stopped by a stall to settle our dinner. 
 I like this bubble tea
the pearl is so chewy

How could we miss Merlion when we are already in Singapore, right? The theory is similar to Great Wall of China when you are in Beijing, China. We stopped by City Hall (passed through City Link) and walked all the way to Esplanade.

Lucky us could enjoy the live choir over there at an artistic place like Esplanade. 
 we were drinking

Opposite is the White Sand bay, the 2nd casino in Singapore. I like the building, it's kinda unique. We didn't walk to Clarke Quay or Suntec City to see the world largest man-made fountain though we were so near yet so far.  Our legs were about to break.
 we were dead beat just like him

I must go there one day to see the fountain at night because it's beautiful. We reached home quite early. We were like so desperately need snacks so we went down to 7-eleven. hehe 
Obviously you couldn't get that green tea kitkat here
it's from Japan 
Bro reckon this bread is nice 
indeed it is fluffy and soft 
 this is what we got on our second day ^^ 

Mr. Roach came by while we were watching Shining Inheritance @.@ I hate flying roach so I {{{sccrrreeeaaaammm}}} then here comes my heroin by helping me to piak!!! Yeah~~~ thanks ya heroin yen.   

To be continued =) Stay tuned!!

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k e l y n said...

so nice lorh u ppl had fun at Singapore!

Evelyn`Wann said...

hmm okok lor...but tiring..hehe