Monday, May 24, 2010

Singapore Part 3

Here comes the last part of my Singapore Trip last week. The last day was the most easy day though we still need to walk quite a long way. We went to IMM and had our lunch there. The food court was packed as it was during lunch hour. It took us some efforts to grab a seat. After that went to Daiso for hunting again. Oh no, the food part has became smaller and it is not as good as before. There's 1 Cotton On and we bought something there again. We are too obsessed with is, aren't we? Then we went back to Jurong Point. 
There's something that I met on the MRT I must share. We were at Jurong East station and the train came. I clearly heard a boy shouting, ah ma ah ma come here sit. At first, I thought he was calling his mother. Later on, I saw the boy on my right, standing infront of his grandmother. He was speaking in a soft tone to his grandma. Finally after 3 stops, we reached Jurong Point and they were alighting too. The grandma stood up and the grandson went to hold the grandma's hand, afraid the grandma might fall. He speaks like an adult. wow such an obedient boy, God will bless you all the time being a fulfill son and grandson. That day I went to zoo and saw a pair of father and son were holding hands. The boy is about 11 or 12. I envy their close relationship. 
 these are our result for 3 days
it isn't too much, right?

The next day is the day they went back. I promised to bring them to Tebrau City but I overslept. So sorry, girls. In the end, I brought them to the goft club only. Managed to take some photos before they went to catch a bus back home. 

 see this sexy lady over here

 Bye bye. Enjoy your holidays and sorry if the hospitality isn't good =) Hoping to see you girls lay your feet again in JB. hehe

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