Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Singapore Zoo

Let's step nearer to the animals and see them in real, not only on the TV or pictures. Under long hesitation, I tagged along with them to the Singapore Zoo. We reached the zoo at around 10am+. I was expecting crowd but still I was impressed. It was a Saturday, parents brought their little babes for outing and of course, I saw tourists. There's got to be something special if not why is it included in the plan. Let's check out!! 
Before we entered, we saw these 2 special characters. Some kind of trees creature, I guess.
This is really a tough job. It is not easy to earn money yet easy to spend it and make bank account showing negative sign. Oh no!
Come come, collecting money for tickets payment. SGD$18 per adult.
 Love the wildlife? Put some token into the box to show them your love =)
 Having any enquiries? Move forward to the counter and they will clear your doubts and answer your questions.
 These are the tickets. It is nice and could be used as bookmark too, if you want to.
Ok let's enter into the zoo now.
 Nice nd friendly crews helped us to take a group picture at the entrance. I touched the white tiger, roar~~
 Do these colourful parrots remind you of any brand of stationery which you are familiar of? I guess you do.
 I like this vehicle. It is so jungle and like those we saw in Hollywood's movies.
 Here comes the appearance of the famous white tiger. A rare species of tiger and the number of tiger on this globe is getting lesser. They are extinguishing soon, save them!! The next few generations might not see them in real but only pictures just like dinosaurs.
 They are babirusa, a kind of pig. Can you see the front one is kneeling down?
 The kangaroo, all the way from Australia. haha

 There's something fun behind this picture. I was just being bored and squatted down to take this picture. Who knows, whoever passed by me will look at my direction and though there's animal inside. haha Now my gang came and did the same thing like others but of course they dare to ask me what was I doing. LOL
 The direction board is so cute and nice. I like it.
 It was raining and super inconvenient for us because we have limited umbrellas with us.
 Orang utan
 cute cute cute baby =)
 The way penguins walk is really adorable. Left right left right. You will smile when you see them swim.

 They do provide gazebo and benches for you to rest your legs.

 You don't have to go all the way to North Pole and to risk your life just to see the Polar Bear. I was so near to Mr. Polar just the thickness of the glass =)
 Is this a mirror reflection? hehehehe
 Wanna have a try to impose like a prince or princess like those in fairy tales? Hop on the carriage to realize your dream. No idea for the fees.

 This is Cheetah not Leopard. And definitely not Panther or Puma.

 Other than that, they do provide 3 animal shows for the guests. Animals are really intelligent. Thumbs up!! 
And thanks to the zoo crews too.
 That's the end of our zoo outing in Singapore. My legs were so painful after walking for almost 10 hours. 
However, I continued to walk at City Square alone while waiting for people to fetch me. The ground floor was so empty and I ran all the way from J.Co donuts to Levi's entrance like an insane. Nice experience, haha. I continued to kill my legs at Tebrau City after dinner. Wow I thought I couldn't feel my feet anymore.

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