Thursday, June 03, 2010

3rd June

Food is the source of living. We used to say eat to live, nah in this new era people live to eat. I am enjoying to take food photos. The appearance of food make me happy. Non-resistance to food best explain why couldn't I lose weight with a flat tummy. While clicking here and there, scrolling up and down at Nuffnang's website I clicked into the June 2010 featured blogger's blog. The Kampung boy and City gal is a couple who blog about food from everywhere. Being a food blogger, you need not only the talent in writing but also convince your readers with wonder pictures of the restaurant  interior and of course, the food.  Have a look at their blog, you will like it. For people who go Singapore very frequent (just like me XD) and love to cari makan at the local restaurant, you may view this blog. Please tell me how it is after you have tried it =) 

Do you know the skill of make up could transform a normal/pale looking girl into a guy dreaming wonder pretty woman? View the videos below and you will agree with my statement.

I wanna learn make-up skill and become a swan instead of ugly duckling. However, I need sponsor, anyone? hahaha Every girl can be pretty!!! Let's work it out now...xoxo

Wisdom is only found in truth

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