Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy's day

How did you celebrate your Father's day? It is a day which I could grab the chance to feed my stomach big feast. Evil smile came out again...hiak hiak hiak..Sis chose the venue and we followed. Pumpkin wann (appears again) never been there and this is her first time there, can you imagine? She passed by so many many times yet never stepped into it once. OK, she stepped into the branch at Sunway Pyramid but never ate.  Thanks sis for the sumptuous meal 'cause she paid the bill. haha

The lighting makes the restaurant so romantic (as if) so I had a hard time to take the photos. I don't have skills to take photos in a bad lighting place. However, the ambiance is good for dating couple, haha.
I like the decorations on the wall
retro retro in the house yo
 Just dance...gotta be ok
duh duh doo doo
 This is my Pineapple Sunshine
Recently got so addicted to pineapple juice
fatty glutton wann
fat round face
 Parmesan Crusted xxxx
(don't remember the name)
Chicken Salad
yum yum
 Sis and Bro's main course
each a plate...of course
 My Fish and Chips
everyone was grabbing my chipsssss
 Mum's set
I like that Cheesy Penne...nom nom nom
hey hey I was staring on the shrimps for long time 
and finally
he gave one to me
 Sis and Dad's set
there's plate of rice, not only the fish
 I was there watching Netherland v Japan for the first half time
 Christmas Christmas
how many days more??
 Give me more FRIDAY~~~

After that, daddy bought durian for us on the way back home. I seriously think that durian sellers are something wrong in their mind. You better mind your words when you go to durian stalls because everyone is holding a knife. Being provoked, they might just open your head like how they open a durian. The funniest is  there's a stall, they shouted ''YELLOW YELLOW'' when they opened a durian. You might be thinking one of the teams has goal if you were watching a soccer match. hahaha I like durian lotssssssssssssssssssssss!! Never missed durian season~~

Wisdom is only found in truth


Dummy Dummy said...

Just went there last last week.. first time also! hahahaa and really so dark to take photo =.=

Evelyn`Wann said...

yalo so dark....dunno how to take photo...@@