Friday, June 04, 2010


Even if no one reading it, I still wanna write it. I have been planning to write it for a long time. I was once believe that human beings are kind but they have no trustworthy for me anymore. Whenever there is anyone coming to me to ask for directions, promotions or something else, I will not look at them and just pretend I don't see them. The first thing I will do is to take few steps back. I know, earning money is very difficult. Out of 24 hours you might be working for more than 10 hours yet you were paid a little, totally exhausted. You start to blame everyone why are you getting so little when others could be paid better than you. Evil ideas start to conquer your mind and devil starts to control you. Robberies, kidnap, murder, smuggling or selling drugs can be done for the sake of money. Do you know that some people feel tough with the little pay but they put their hopes on their kids? They save their hard earned money as the children' education fees for a brighter future. So, they could lead a better life together with the children too. The parents of those scholars appear on the newspaper are mostly hawkers, did you realize that? Since you are a healthy person with full limbs why are you doing bad things to people when you don't wish that to happen on you? If one day your son or daughter is killed, how would you feel? 

People please beware!!
There's one kancil with a Indian lady driver uses the trick of showing you signal that something happen to the back of your car and asking you to stop at the roadside. It happened few times at the road going to Kota Tinggi (AEON Tebrau City Jusco there) and somewhere else. The car owner stopped at the Shell petrol kiosk beside Jusco and the kancil driver came down but it is not longer the Indian but an Indian strong man. He will first rob your money and snatch away your car keys then ask you to get out. People saw it what happened but nobody dares to help. How do people going to help when the fella is a strong man with a knife? 
Why are you doing this to people? How long can the money last for you to spend? You could always find way to get money legally !! There's an Indian  boy always walking around with a basket full with titbits and will stand beside the table pester you until you buy from him. This is a good way but can't he just walk away when people reject? How do you expect me sympathize him and buy from him when he appears everyday? They make me afraid of Indians and stay away from them. 

Motorcyclists are another dangerous characters. They just rob you by grabbing your bag sometimes with a knife. Hey people, please be reminded to let go of your bag, take care of yourself do not get hurt. There's a case when the robbers feel that the amount is not enough and they came back to stab the victim. How cruel. My father met once in the car when he was waiting for my tuition class to dismiss. 2 Malay guys came with a knife and asked my father for his wallet. My dad negotiated with them that giving only money not the wallet. The first guy was fierce with the knife putting at my dad's waist but the second guy agreed then they took it and flee. You know what they did? They pulled the car keys away and threw at god-knows-where. But thank god, my dad is still my healthy and strong man with me now =)

People can walk so why can't you? They are the people who play games but hack the system for higher level or points. Why are you taking this shortcut? People can you please educate people around you and teach them the right thing. Tell them the importance of moral values. That's too late after killing someone even if you say how many times sorry or how regret you are. The pain of losing loved one is seriously painful as though needle poking your heart. You won't know the feeling until you are experiencing it. People, please work with your hands and brain to get money. There's place for everyone on this globe and not only rich people is allowed to live. Washing toilets, washing plates, garbage collectors, sell newspaper, work at restaurant or whatever you could think of, just go. You could still get a job without education level but with a lower pay. If you are a better educated level, you may think by creating something new. If you are interested in arts, open a blog shop. Oh ya, please do not look down on the garbage collectors and cover your nose whenever you pass by them and give them ewww kind of expression. They don't wish to do this job too. We should be grateful of having them so that our environment won't stink. Please use the public toilets wisely and keep it clean by flushing all your dirt. I don't think you would keep your shit in the toilet bowl and waiting for your mum to clean it, do you? 
I think the problem will be worst when everything increase in price when government said that won't continue to subsidize the citizens. The government said Malaysia might go bankrupt in 2019, it is just 8 and a 6 months away from now. Do we need to start planning which country should we go?

OK, I am done. Indeed a long one. Rest In Peace, innocent souls. EARTHLINGS NEED EDUCATION BADLY.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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