Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FIFA 2010

Have you waka waka? FIFA World Cup fever is burning and big flame is coming soon after my birthday. hehe 
I have been waiting for this for 4 years though I don't really watch it. I like the atmosphere. 11th June, Friday was the opening ceremony for the WC but too bad Singapore's channel did not play it. I was trying to con my dad that none of the channel is showing then asking him to install Astro Sports channel for me. That time I was  already lying on the sofa watching South Africa vs Mexico and my dad was just sitting beside me then he realised it only after 5 minutes. hahahaha The next day planned to watch South Korea vs Greece but this time really not showing but showing Toy Story 2 =.= TV1 was showing that match but so damn blur with noise.  Then I complained to my dad and he said, you are the only one in the family watching WC. Why, tak boleh kah? I didn't gamble so it is a healthy sports for me. hahahaha

Just now my mum called but I missed it. Below is the conversation between my mum and I when I called her back.
Me: Yes? anything?
Mum: Where are you now?
Me: In my room lor...
Mum: I thought you went to watch soccer match edi
That time was nearly to 8pm and the match just started not long ago. 

16th June, Wednesday 10pm Spain vs Switzerland. Hmmm OK the schedule didn't highlight this and not a must see but I am gonna watch it too. It's fun to watch it with friends. woohoo~~ I like the excitement!! LOL  Wanna know the score, go here!  

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