Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is my favourite alcohol drink, Choya. The taste is really nicer than others. Daddy bought it from the airport, thanks dad. You could get it at any Jusco outlet too. 
Now is the second week of my 3rd year first trimester Uni life. Last week was fun as we went makan then had a stroll at the night market. We went to sing k a day before I went back hometown again. I shouted and screamed like an insane but it was very great. I need a ktv room now and shout all @#$@#%@#% to those people. ish 

Last night went to watch '' The A-Team''. Hmmm...quite nice and funny. I was so damn exhausted and luckily I didn't sleep in the cinema. Club registration week has started and CLC concourse is so crowded. I did my booth visiting where friends are there and it was fun. Stop by every station to talk for about 10 minutes. We stopped by APC then playing with the hamster, so cute. Suddenly, the hamster shit on me. Luckily it was a really tiny thingy and not pee. phew~ This is the only week where you could see all familiar faces at 1 place then could stop by to chit chat here and there. It is really interesting and fun.

Since this is the 438th post, I am gonna blog about a person that really pissed me off. Please do not buzz around and tell me all rubbish. Can't you just accept what others tell you? Can't you just go find it  out yourself? Your thinking is totally different from mine and so does your perspective. You know me longer than anyone else means you know my temper very well so you know how would I behave. If one day volcano erupts again, you could just wait to see me putting a good act in front of you. You people are really ridiculous and nuisance. Sometimes high or low education is not root of a problem but a person's mind concept. Think about it and you will know. It's fine since I have been playing the bad role from the day I was born. Still, I wish you know that you are wrong. and I AM NOT HAPPY WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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