Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Yesterday out of boredom and went to Yeo's room then together we watched a 2007/2008 Japanese movie. Oh no, it is really a sad love story. The romance between Mika and Hiro really touched me. We were like discussing while watching and we made conclusion, there's no such nice guy like Hiro in reality. After google it, I saw a guy's blog talking about this movie. He extremely hate this movie and talked lotsa nonsense in his blog. Well, I have no idea about his psychological aspect or maybe he envies of the romance but he hates 10,000BC too. haha 

Information below is adapted from wikipedia. =)
Koizora (恋空 lit. Sky of Love?) is a Japanese romance film and a drama series based on a "novel" (ケータイ小説 keitai shosetsu?) written by a young woman named Mika (美嘉).The author claimed that Koizora was true, but has recently admitted that it was fiction.  

Those who knows how to read Japanese can go to this website. Basically, I don't know. haha

Watch the clips below, really nice.

The second song is Utada Hikaru's First Love, it's not the soundtrack of this movie but best fit with it. Nice~!

For people who is interested in watching this movie may click here to buffer slowly. haha
The drama version has total 6 episodes. 
Joyce~~You will definitely love it if you haven't watch it XD

I was so touched by this movie until I couldn't sleep. =.= I hate cancer, seriously HATE IT!! I miss him more after watching it. I had a dream last night after that movie. I dreamed of my grandpa's funeral. This is not my first time dreaming of his funeral but this time I saw a girl wearing black dinner gown with musical instrument (no idea who is that) and I saw coffin of course. I was crying so sadly in my dream. The funeral in the dream is totally different from the real one.  hohoho

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LeeSZ said...

yo wei~ i just watched dis movie the day before~~ XDXD

Evelyn`Wann said...

wow babe you watched it~~
how's your papers? ok bo?
waiting to meet you..