Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perak Part 1

Finally I have friends visit me at Malacca. OK, basically Malacca is a transition for them while waiting for me to finish class. Thanks girls~!! Just nice that day I went to buy Black Stone's screen protector. Hmm...Black Stone really lack of many accessories because of this prudent owner. What to do? No budget. I have no intention to cheat them to Jusco to shoot the balloons, haha. Both of them brought their weapons and ended up no photos. Thanks Ken and KY for sending me and my friends to their hotel. Samaritans of the day!! Luckily they left after ensuring I have transport back to Ixora if not doom. 
 I like fruit punch from Sizzling Stone grill
 Can't I just stand straight??

Then started to do a mess in their room, playing this and that. I think we repeated the words ''yum cha'' for umpteen times and no one gets up. So we just sat on the bed and kept functioning our mouths. Finally 1.30am we went back to our own place. Fuyoh the street outside the hotel in the mid-night was so silent and even more scarier when it almost rain. There's a banner kept flying like those inn in dramas. haha  

 see how fat I am T.T

The next day I went to Melaka Sentral immediately after my lecture ended at 12pm. Thanks Suhui for giving me a ride!! Another Samaritan, hehe. While waiting for them, I saw Hui Min at Sentral then showed her the way to domestic bus area. One girl appeared in my mind after I saw her, haha. We took 2pm bus to Bukit Jalil temporary bus station then transit to another bus to Kampar. I was told that around 2 hours plus could reach but somehow it took us for 3 hours plus. The surrounding was so dark and no lamp post, quite scary and dangerous. Finally, we reached Kampar bus station at almost 9pm. So pity Kok and Wai Ying waited for us for dinner. They brought us to eat bak kut teh!! Slurrrppp~~

Under my strongly request, they brought me out to watch soccer match. It was Brazil vs Portugal. Both are strong teams so everywhere was so FULL. However, we still managed to get a seat to watch second half of the match. It was a draw match. Sadly, Portugal didn't make it into last 8 match. WHY lah my 2 favourite team, Spain and Portugal met so early. Portugal has the potential to make into quarter final at least. T.T Bye handsome, C. Ronaldo. EURO Cup faster come lah~~ hahaha
That's how I ended my first day at Kampar. Stay tuned for the update of the next few days of my trip at Ipoh.

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