Thursday, June 03, 2010


Why am I reporting everything openly? I don't know. I remember I had a dream past few days. In that dream, people need to tell the others what are their hobbies. Guess what, I just couldn't wait for my turn the eagerness of telling them, my hobby is blogging. That's kind of funny. Am I being possessed or too addicted into it? I guess so, hehe.  There's one more ridiculous dream, seriously a night mare to me.
Yesterday was another gathering of only 3 of us. At first we were planning to meet at CS or maybe somewhere nearby but since someone wanted to meet up boyfriend, we changed our venue. I was craving for wafer and I ordered one from JB Central's Daily Fresh. Maybe I have chose the wrong jam, it tasted yucks. There's many people on the train and I think I am too used to my high volume while I didn't notice it. The passengers kept looking at our way once in a while. Ooppss!! I was planning to buy something at IMM but failed. We were playing smart to take bus to Jurong Point instead of MRT. It took us most probably 6 times longer than MRT. Uh-huh a good lesson learnt, just use the usual route will do. Durian puff still tastes so nice, yum yum. Simply walking around and we saw CHIPMUNKS. Erm..I was just curious and wasn't trying to be funny asking why are the females are more expensive than the males. The shopkeeper answered me in an annoying tone, females are newer, the latest. Mind your tone please Ms. Tom Boy!!!! 

We were looking for Neoprint shop while I was buying juice and we saw girls beside us just took one. I was trying to ask them where to get yet the aunty selling fruit juice was like so fed up that I gave the wrong amount. Hey how do you expect to hear what you said when I was actually asking people question? Then she pointed at the board and said, it is written there if you do not know. Well, that's Singapore service attitude, don't they? I am paying yet you wanna me to treat you as though you are Your Majesty or Your Highness? Next life, perhaps. The aunty at the games arcade is so much more friendlier than the previous two. She will answer your questions patiently and nicely with her smiling face. Thumbs up for you ^^
I am kind of addicted to edit these photos. Putting some cute pictures over here, bling bling over there. That's fun. Now I have a question, where to put all these photographs? 
Holidays is ending soon. No more sleep late and wake up late slacking days anymore until I have my next holidays. I don't like to wake up early to attend lectures or tutorials. I don't like dealing with assignments and exams. 

Happy 20th Birthday to Theresa~~

Till then. Toodle~~ xoxo

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