Thursday, June 17, 2010


 I saw rainbow in the sky last Sunday
a obvious and nice one

Yesterday WC Spain vs Switzerland was really exciting. Spain's fans must be very disappointed when Swiss goal 1 ball. That goal happened when many activities were going on at the same time. Swiss G.Fernandez just goal it during chaos. Everyone was so happy when Fernandez Torres appeared on the field, it's time for Spain to goal. Ball is sphere in shape, you won't know the result until the end. Spain could had score many if they kicked it more accurately into the goal. hehe The most exciting part is when Swiss nearly score second goal. This match is even more sakit hati than watching Ivory vs Portugal, 'cause at least Portugal didn't lose. haha 

Some people are really funny kind. haha Tweet the artists to scold them and hope they would get angry. What's the point? They feel even more happier when the fans are defending the beloved idol. Don't get red eye over people's fame, childish. I'm counting down days to my BIG day. Am still thinking what should I request from daddy. LOL Should I take this golden opportunity to ask for a little cute puppy? Mama won't allow, for sure unless I use tactic. hahaha I could afford hamsters but not puppy. There's a night I dreamed of a puppy jumped on me, so cute~~~ 

 there are actually 2 rainbows
so 2 pots of gold?
1 lighter and 1 heavier

Wisdom is only found in truth


Dummy Dummy said...

go buy telephoto lens and ask daddy to give wide angle, ask chuan chuan to give u speedlight :D

Evelyn`Wann said...

chuan chuan will give me speedlight, I chop my head down for you...haha