Saturday, July 17, 2010

21st part 2

I have been waiting to go Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for the free big cup milk tea for a year. So, I dated few of them out to eat at that restaurant on 10th July. The waiter is kinda cute when he counted the date and how he wished me happy birthday. hahaha I sat there for a very long time and finally went up to cinema. So sad, damn long queue so couldn't watch Despicable me =( 

Medium cup for 1-4 person
the way that waiter held Blackstone was cute too
fatty and the cup
I have been meeting her continuously-3rd weekend
Happy Birthday to 710 & 711
Soon evening, they went back and I continued to shop with my sis until our parents came to fetch us for dinner as my birthday celebration. I went out for long time so I was quite giddy and I ate lesser than normal, could you believe? haha We waited for almost an hour to get our dishes served. 
 Chicken claws as appetizer..OMG!!! 
don't ever stuff this into my mouth

My day did not end after the dinner. I waited for people to come and fetch me. They were so FAST until I almost fell asleep on my lovely bed. That's first time for 710 met 710 on 710. hahaha  Movie plan- Eclipse failed too. =( I admit that I was kind of silent mode that night. LOL I have no idea what to crap..Went back home at nearly 3am then continue to facebook until I went to watch Germany vs Uruguay (3-2) for the last 8 minutes. hee-haa~~ I was damn exhausted...
I said that I want to molest Delilah but I takut
later rosak..cantik lo

Wisdom is only found in truth

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