Tuesday, July 13, 2010

21st part 1

I have turned 21st on last Saturday. I don't have special feeling on that day. I had my advance birthday celebration a week before the actual day at my hometown. Someone complained he was not invited, kesian.  We went to watch soccer match, Brazil vs Holland on Friday's night. I took the challenge and drove them to City Square on the next day. There's one car escort me behind my car. haha The battery light kept on blinking and I have no idea what signal is that and just ignored it. Mana tau last week I went home the car has problem but still I drove it a night before. hehe 
 Botak and Mr. Un...see see see
I can drive but car won't appear in Melaka..
Etude House
Met with Joyce too

We reached home and started to help my mum to cut those ingredients. That's the first time for us to do this kind of chores together at kitchen. haha After that, everyone started to bath and doll up. Friends start to arrive though many lost their way but still they made it. Theresa brought 3 friends came as they need to go for another friend's party as well. It was funny when I took photo with my family and he said, wow family portrait. hahaha It wasn't a complete one as my 2nd sis wasn't inside. Thanks everyone for coming and the presents =) My presents are nice....share it next time!!

It was ladies' night. Everyone wore dress except one. haha Everyone is gorgeous...woohoo Thanks for people who praised me, tak sangka I could be a 1 day's pretty out of 365 days. LOL  Fatty wann is contented at least pernah cantik, dah la tu..
My SETA girls
My MMU girls
Guess who were not prefect in school??

Omega gang
I like the card 
big enough
I wish.....heehee
don't let you know
lack of 1 person to get 21

That night was Argentina vs Germany, ewwww 0-4 not nice. haha Our night did not end when everyone left. We changed and went to Station 1 to meet friends. It was quite fun while playing Jenga and Pictionary. The bad side of Station 1 is too smelly...pui pui pui  We left at 3am, the last table to leave.


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