Saturday, July 17, 2010

21st part 3

The last part of my birthday celebration. Someone asked, how many times did you celebrate? haha
I called college's friends out for dinner at Wong Kok again. Just being fun to go there for that big cup milk tea, shiok what.
 fatty and the cup again
Big cup 5-10 person
but we have total 13!! haha
 Sharon and Ken 
the 38 ones...LOL

And YES!! We went to watch Despicable me =) The creatures in that movie are so cute...Feel like pinching it. Cuteeeeeeee~~
 many people kept looking at us like aliens
can't take photo outside the cinema huh? haha
don't you think that we look man? hehe

She is Agnes =)

Rewind back to Sunday. We went to eat ikan bakar at Umbai. It is not bad but small portion. I went back to my room and start to wait for the match. We all of us were already sitting inside the mamak at 12am waiting for the final match of FIFA World Cup 2010. Just like what my uncle told me, who knows Spain might win only during extra time and YES it is @.@ I waited until 5am and slept at 6am then woke up at 12.40pm for 1pm's tutorial. hahaha I love PAUL~~

Wisdom is only found in truth

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