Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is the 450th post of this blog. *Clapssss* See, how crappy I am. 

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all 710 babies. You are the greatest!!!! hahahaha
Let's check out who are they that I know.

Jacky Cheung
I bet you know him, a HK singer and artist
can be considered as comedian in some movies

He is Gong Yoo
Korean artist
I bet you have watched one of his drama, Coffee Prince 1st Shop

He is Kim Hee Chul
The second eldest in Super Junior after Eeteuk
He is also the prettiest in the group

He is also a singer, actor and comedian
with him around sure full with laughter


He is Dummy Dummy...LOL
check out his blog to know more about him

Lastly is ME!!!! 
Casino security, don't you dare to stop me to check my ID!!! 
okok just kidding I am still 18 
not qualified yet XD


Wisdom is only found in truth

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