Wednesday, July 28, 2010


OK, I have delayed this post for more than a week. I love it when friends visit me at Malacca =) 
Yek Fah came to Malacca on the 16th of July. We went to her relative's house to fetch her at night. We spent almost an hour to find the location when it is so near and easy. haha Finally we got her on the ride and went to D' Puteh for our yum cha session and let her experience our campus life late at night. hehe Wanted to smuggle her into my staying place but failed, too bad. Next time maybe but not too late..hehe 
As we planned, I slept for 5 hours and woke up for the dim sum breakfast. We walked there and saw Mr. Un on the way to exam venue. hahaha He asked me to wish him Happy Birthday but 19th July was my lunar birthday too leh. LOL  HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again OLD MAN!!! 

I spent my weekend to study but it seems so useless!! The things I studied didn't help me in my tests. Sobzzz 
Forget it, final is coming soon after 6 weeks. T.T  More updates coming up ^^

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