Thursday, July 29, 2010

BP 1

Batu Pahat is a place where I never been to although it is situated inside Johor state. I grabbed this opportunity and followed my friend back to her house. We took quite some effort for us to reach there and finally we reached there before dinner time.  My first impression towards BP was, okay it doesn't have city look but the buildings look very retro and nice for me. The roads are wide. We went out for dinner with her whole family. Basically her whole family knows me so nothing to be scared of. Add on, they are so friendly especially her dad. LOL

After dinner, we headed to the long heard Batu Pahat Mall ( in short, BP Mall). It would be very nice for girls to do shopping slowly if you have the time to do so. I eyed on a pair of heels but it is quite high, not suitable for me.

Ta-da, it's movie time. Hey it's so cool that I went movie with her family. Seriously I feel that her parents are so young!!! Inception is a movie that make you think and have your own imagination and perception. Was the ending in reality or dream? It depends on how you think =) 
I continued watching Pretty Little Liars when back to her house. That's how holidays ought to be, isn't it? hehe    

Below is the conversation between my friend and I before holidays...
HK: Eh, you make up ar?
Me: Huh? when did I make up? No ar...
HK: Really? But why Winson said you make up so he couldn't recognise you in campus?
Me: *burst into big laugh* HAHAHAHAHA...why I wanna make up to classes? sot meh...funny la 
HK: Or become prettier liao? haha
Me: LOL as if la...then why you can recognise me?? eh I talked to him in week 2 leh...(FYI, now is already week7...haha)

I shall continue the day 2 in next post. Bye earthlings. xoxo 

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