Friday, July 30, 2010

BP 2

The blogging mood is here *cheeeerrrssss* I shall continue my lovely BP trip. (went for dinner half way and I am back...haha) I slept until 10am+ then only slowly wake up to brush my teeth and washed my face. Immediately sat down to eat breakfast. This life is so wonderful. Her dad bought back asam fish as lunch around 12pm+ then we ate again. Nom nom nom....

 same series~~ 

Finally we were ready to go out but we stuck in front of the TV. Malaysia's drama is getting better nowadays, so do the actors and actresses, just that they need to amend the accent. Malaysia Boleh!!! 
The Summit was the only shopping mall in BP before others. Indeed, it looks a bit old and quite alike with JB's Holiday Plaza. This building is flooded with hair salon!! There's too many right there just like HP. Walked up and down...deng!! I bought something which considered not expensive. Happy happy ^^ Makan ice-cream at Mcdonad's and went for takoyaki and okonomiyaki after meeting up another friend. 

There's something going on on the stage so we sat in front to see. Basically I was there to listen to those Kpop. haha 
 earrings neh~! 

It's dinner time. Yeah...satay satay I love satay!! BP's chicken chop really fascinated me. It looks exactly like the dish that we normally ordered in a Chinese restaurant and I have never seen a chicken chop like this~ wow I am so pumpkin...

Her dad was happily introducing the streets to us...bla bla bla...uh-huh now I know...We headed to Square One - Carrefour after dinner. There's nothing much here until you wanna do some groceries. Thinking of giving surprise to my PLKN's friend but mana zai, not working...Never mind I met one friend too. We wanted to give surprise to another friend but he went to KL and belum balik!! duhhh~

I never expect any supper then her parents brought us to the 24 Mcdonal's at opposite of SO. Since there's so many fries on the tray, I won't pai seh then. Eat ar eat ar eat...and I put so many packets of black pepper on the fries and chili sauce. I ate too much on that day so fries only will make me kenyang~~!! 

We went to see the BP statue. The place is so merry with so many stalls and people. And..erhem full with mat rempit on the race too =.= 

Our night did not end just like that...haha We did something from my brilliant idea..Her sis was so happy to see us like that. haha OK, ladies' night was really fun. 
 After knowing that I am Snoopy fans, her mum went to korek keluar the extra limited Snoopy from McD
awww....thanks thanks ^^ 
I simply love Snoopy just like how other girls like Hello Kitty
I am gonna repeat again...
Hong Kong and Universal Studio Japan have SNOOPY LAND!!!!!!! 

The last part is coming up soon....stay tuned!! xoxo

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