Friday, July 02, 2010

Day 2 @ Perak

Ipoh....Ipoh!! I have been yelling and screaming that I want to go to Ipoh. Finally, wish is granted. I went there once during primary school graduation trip but do you think I could remember how does it actually look like? 

We paid a visit to UTAR Kampar before we started our journey to Ipoh. The weather was so good. UTAR's compound is really big and I like those modern buildings. It is surrounded by beautiful mother nature and not that deserted like Cyberjaya MMU at least.  One prudent ant went into my shirt and stayed on my big tummy. Felt sad for it 'cause it died after being poked by me. 
nice view

this girl proud to be UTARian 
Stubborn for not park ur bike at parking zone? I shall chain it. 
Don't park your car at proper place? I shall clam it.
 A whole row or bicycles make think of China
 This lecture hall is big yet not the biggest
I wonder how many people could it accommodates
It gave me its full cooperation in photo shooting

It's lunch time yet we were not fed. We drove for almost an hour to reach the food court. The food court should be famous as it was kinda crowded. Under starvation, immediately I stuffed everything into my stomach without caring of my image in the public when food reached in front of me. My temper is not good when I am hungry but I didn't lose my temper on that day, no worries. (Should be no, I guess)

 Food is cheap cheap and nice nice =)
The next stop was Kinta City, AEON Jusco. I went into Fotokem and wanted to buy filter for Black Stone but still I came out with empty hand. Then, few of us bought few products from Bio-essence's roadshow. Due to tiredness, we stopped at one kopitiam to rest and makan. 
 The black glutinous rice yucks

FYI, it was just 2 hours after lunch. They went into Fossil to choose Kok's present and I went to buy my egg tarts. hahaha I like egg tart. 
 I like those Fossil's accessories a lot
but too expensive
Nice view from Kinta City's roof top
moutain or cliff ?

see my back so you wouldn't see my 5 months pregnancy look alike tummy

Dinner's time~!! We went to eat the famous Ipoh so-called beansprout chicken rice. A gang of MCA members came out from the shop. Guess what they did? Immediately they light their cigarettes!! Uncles, don't you know that smoking is bad for health?  We were looking at one guy with Sony D-SLR on his neck for quite sometime and I guess he saw it too. Finally, Kok went to approach him and ask for his help to take a group photo for us. He should have told his friend then his friend pretended nothing and took our photo when they passed by us. You were lucky as I was not quick enough to take out Black Stone.
I like the fish balls
bite it and you will feel like bouncing with it
doi doi doi

There's night market on the street so we went. Everyone stopped at a shop to buy something back for family and friends. We went back to Kampar after that. I saw 2 big fat buffalo were running and chasing for their group. It was kinda scary especially at night. There's a plan for surprising Kok and I think we did it. The cake is nice with the orange smell. Happy Birthday~!!
 The cake is simple and nice

This is the end of day 2 at Perak. Update of Day 3 won't be so soon~~   

Wisdom is only found in truth

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