Friday, July 09, 2010

Perak Last part

OK..the last part of my Perak's trip. The 3rd day can be considered as the most interesting day of the trip. We went for breakfast at those old style's food court then headed to long anticipated Kellie's Castle. 

 It is situated at Batu Gajah. It is a real Western castle but an uncompleted one.
 Wants to know more about Kellie's Castle? 

 Ticket Price for Adult is RM4
Black Stone' battery almost flat and thanks to the abang at the counter helped to charge for almost half an hour to revive it. Thanks!!!

I wow non-stop when I saw it. The most fascinating was so many SLR gathered at the same place. Everyone looks so pro except me. There's one guy had 2 big SLR clinging on his body plus tripod and other accessories. They went in a group and one model posing let him take photos. How can we miss the chance and let pro help to take group photo, right? 

The next stop after Kellie's Castle was Teluk Batik. We planned to go Pangkor but in the end failed. It was a real hot sunny day, not really suitable for me to go to beach.

We went to quay side after our late lunch. Hmm...basically nothing to see at there. 

Heavy down pour while we were on the way back to Kampar. I bought another egg tart when we bought a small cake for Wen Yin. The waiter at the restaurant was happily taking Black Stone and helped us to take group photo. Fuyoh...cantik until cannot cantik as the photos were so blur until couldn't see any flaws. 

We took 8.30am bus and left Kampar to Bukit Jalil on the next morning. I split with them and took another bus back to Malacca. That's how we ended our trip. I hope Kok did enjoy her birthday and don't always so emo. Janganlah always walk away when we are in a group and look so troubling. Cheer lah wei...

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jfook said...

I love your photos. XD

Ilidina.. said...

went there in 2007..with my family..made a short pit stop before going to langkawi..

Chong Wee said...

your photos look great