Friday, July 30, 2010


I did say I wanna show my birthday presents, didn't I? OK, I would only show the presents from friendssss =) 
OK, this is the first time I received ang pao from a single woman and a girl who is 2 days older than me. haha She is doing her internship so the cash is basically her allowances. LOL 

Next, my friends actually read my blog huh? I mentioned for so many times that I didn't buy the FTIsland Nappeun Yeojaya's album and they bought for me as birthday present together with own-made booklet written with birthday wishes. I was told QQ prepared it so thanks ya QQ and the others who wrote it la ^^ Luckily they choose not-so-ugly photos to be included inside the booklet. phew~ 

Follow by, skin care products plus cosmetics from skinfood. How lovely you people actually know I love these kinds of things. haha Especially the box for lips. However, I haven't use it ^^ I will let you girls know my opinion once I use it..LOL

Lastly, is the HUGE birthday card made by my lovely 14 years friend. 

OKOK, others don't jealous, I do appreciate what you wrote too. haha A big card like that is my style...LOL Another thing is the lens filter from 2 lovely roommates, ying and kok. hehe  (Didn't take photo of it) I know you people would read so purposely wrote something mawkish. 
I got this own made big ribbon hair pin from suk yen. She put it in a damn cute tin makanan look alike can. LOL Thx =)
I left out another 2 things. Presents from Sharon and Jacey. No photos for those 2 things =(

A big THANK YOU to everyone. I had fun this year and shall wait for another year. haha

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