Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Let Ken Wooi tells you, how to suck at blogging? Click here to read before my opinions. 

Don't you think what he stated out is so damn true? Wow I simply love to read his every post, it's so amusing and funny. So did you realise that has been a week plus that I remove the song player from my page? I don't have glittery background and I guess my font is quite common and not terrible for reading. If you are my frequent reader, you would know I am long winded so few sentences blog spot hardly appear. (sometimes, Yes! ) I never blogged about the number of followers and the number of visitor. I only use the number shown to play a game. Did I blog about the words from search engines before? How would I know did the words appear at any search engine? For example, putting words like ''how to become slim'' or ''how to lead a healthy life'' will lure people in despite I am not writing anything related to it. LOL I put only 2 advertisement from Nuffnang and it doesn't consider too much, right? So far, I never claimed any earning from Nuffnang so definitely I won't blog about my earnings. haha Did I unnecessarily repeating my canwhore photos? I guess I seldom do it. I said SELDOM and didn't say that I NEVER. hahahaha
This blog only has a very slow traffic as no one visits.

There's a friend taught me how to gain traffic in my blog. Show your boobs. What the heck?! I am not gonna gain traffic by using this stupid disgusting cheapo way. That's not my style. Blogging is my hobby. I just wanna share my views and things at here. Just like what Ken Wooi said, sharing is caring but too much sharing is boring. Now I know why people find my blog boring. =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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Hotcakes said...

i love to read his blog too :) eheh