Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BP last

Don't wanna drag the BP last day post for too long so here am I. Third day was a more relaxing day. We woke up and enjoy the kuih-muih breakfast prepared by her mum and that hot soya drink. I tried to search for the soya at Tesco, however mission failed. Never mind, Malaysia is big!

Throw everything back to my bag and said bye bye to the little fierce-looking-timid cat. Yeah, her dad brought us to the famous herbal soup shop. (I didn't know until her dad said so) The soup is really yummy and not oily, every drop is essence. One small pot of hot black chicken herbal soup with a bowl of yam rice, that's fantastic. According to her dad, this shop has more than 30 years' history and it previously was located at another place.

It's time to say goodbye to the lovely friendly family and BP. We reached there quite early so went around at BP's bus station. There's nothing much inside but very old style kind of shops which might make you think that you are shooting any old kinda of films over there. Feel like going there again but pai seh. LOL (Cat: Oh No, please don't come!!! )

I reached Larkin around 3.30pm then hop on my sister's car to Jusco. It was the last day of Korean festival promotion and I spotted one thing.
honey melon ice-cream is a MUST to try if you go to Korea
RM18 for 8 sticks in a box 
very nice =)

You could find Lotte Supermarket's drinks over there and Lotte's mineral water with 2% peach with Bigbang's Taeyang's photo on the bottle. People would surely go to Lotte Supermarket when they go to Korea. I wanna go too =(  Mama ordered the same birthday cake as mine for Papa's birthday.

 It was so nice that I could taste something nice once I got home. Home Sweet Home. The following post would be the big feast from sister for celebrating Papa's birthday. Stay tuned. Before closing my blog, please have a look at this blog. Charles&Keith ~~~~

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