Sunday, August 01, 2010


Mid-term break ends today and I need to take bus again. My dad asked me a question while on the way sending me to bus station, is anyone going back with you? Most of the time I would answer no and simply dislike this question a lot. I found another trustful bus company besides KKKL. Finally, I reached Melaka Sentral. I have been thinking whether to take bus or call cab? I hate to wait on the bus for almost an hour. So, I took out my mobile phone and called a taxi driver that used to sit his cab. Waited and he came.  I told my mum that I am gonna take cab, immediately she said, CALL me when you reach!!!

The conversation between me and him the moment I hop on his cab.
 Taxi Driver as Uncle, me as ME =)
Uncle: Alone ar?
Me: Yalo..raining edi
Uncle: Finish holidays d right? last week everyone said holidays
Me: Yaya tomorrow class resumes 
(Silence...until 5 minutes later)
Uncle: Did you read recent newspaper?
Me: Why?
Uncle: About the taxi driver
Me: (WHAT?!!!! Start to think why he asked me am I alone) Oh..the latest one?
Uncle: Yaya last Friday, taxi driver from Malacca
Me: ( O.O  M.A.L.A.C.C.A. ??? ) oh yameh
Uncle: Malay guy, edi caught him to lockup
Me: oooooo

However, I reached my destination safely.  =)

Hello uncle, what is the message that you trying to tell me? Never take cab alone? Beware of  idiotic taxi rapist? Or beware of you? This world is full with all kinds of nonsense. BIG SIGH~   

Wisdom is only found in truth

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