Friday, August 20, 2010


This is another post about Malacca Town. We were walking aimlessly without an idea where to go or to shoot. I was asked to make decision so let's walk over to Red House =) 
I have been searching for a companion to ride this river cruise with me but everyone rejected. Do you know why? Per ride on it costs RM10 is fine but the chances for you to get splashed by the dirty is quite high. I know their effort of doing this like the one in Singapore to boost income as Malacca is a tourist spot. There's no comparison between Singapore River and Melaka River. I reckon the affiliated authorities could clean up the river and ensure no rubbish floating on it.   

 This windmill was built few years ago and it seems like not functioning anymore. It wasn't turning. =(

 My friend was inside the bus and she saw us crossing the road. haha Remember this Panorama bus, it is charging only RM1 or RM1.50 ( can't remember ) and it is much comfortable than other bus companies' buses. erhem See the church? Show you inside of the church later.
 There was a man offering his help to take photo for me. He might be thinking that we are tourists and wanna help us to take photos. Nah, not gonna let stranger to touch Blackstone.
 No photos are allowed but...ooopppsss !! I caught you both XD
Cats are appearing so often in my blog but why lah no cutie doggies? =.=

I was asking for coconut milk shake but it is kinda ridiculous to go all the way to Klebang and I was not the one driving so STOP demanding. I went to Calenthe Cafe which located at Jonker Street. This cafe is decorated by home style's living room and garden. It makes you feel home and relax. 3 of us were happily surfing facebook with our handphones chatting virtually yet not chatting vis-a-vis. =.=
 I particularly love this specific corner of this cafe with the wall decorated with those pictures hanging on the wall. It is simple yet so nice. Love it =)
This glass of Iced apple aloe vera juice really quenched my thirst on that day. We were exposed under the sun for 3 hours. It was a bright shiny day. As result, I am a sunshine girl with tanned skin now. Bring me to the beach to play Frisbee please~~!! haha

Now the photos below are credits to Ken.

Telefon berbunyi, ring ring ring~~~ No doubts, the old skool telephone is a nice props to take photo. Did you realise one thing? I am in the same photo with David Beckham and Victoria. Honored me. *winks*
After that went back to campus to see Robocon. There are more things compared to last year's Robotics Challenge Week. 5 hours outing can be really tired too. phew~~

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