Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dao Rae

I was absolutely hyper when I know DaoRae is in Malacca Town. I've been to the Subang's branch and kind of missing its food. I thought I could never taste it again since my kaki makan isn't staying in KL anymore. However, it's fine now! Dao Rae is now could be found in Malacca Town~ Hee-haa!! (This happened 2 weeks ago) 

It was the day after my Malacca Town outing. I have no idea why was I so tired because I woke up at 4pm next day. haha I left room before 7pm for dinner at DaoRae. Korean cuisine is always high costs so never expect low prices at Korean restaurant. I craved for ddukbokgi for long time. We ordered KimChi steamboat and a bowl of Korean Ginseng chicken soup (sam gye tang). 

 I like the radish, the one beside bean sprouts. So crispy and nice, I am gonna die =) Total 10 side dishes but sadly no potato salad.

  Can you see ddukbokgi floating on top? I want to eat it again and again, never tired of it. Love it =)
This sam gye tang is so healthy because it is so tasteless though you could still see oil floating. I miss the sam gye tang that I ate at Novena Square, Singapore. That was marvelous. I could really dig the glutinous rice out from the chicken and it tasted so heavenly nice. On the same floor with the restaurant has one Korean groceries minimart selling 95% Korean products. There's also one in JB but never been there though passed by numerous times and always wanted to go in but failed.

Korean tea with special taste. You either love it or hate it. 

 Show you this nice alley in the shop. haha
 Ya, you're right~ I was actually disturbing this pair of love birds. I did ask is it fine for me to follow and they said yes! So I followed to enjoy my dinner there. haha Sorry for disturbing ya =)
A typical Korean BBQ restaurant's layout. It's very clean and nice. (Of coz lah..still new what =.=) 

Can you see that I put my thumb up for this restaurant? hehe I am gonna visit here again for the bibimbap!! Lovely, wait for me, I will be back..hee-haa~! 

Finally, my blog has new look after a year plus. =) It took me so much effort to change the new blogskin. But it's ok, I am quite satisfied with it. hehe Now, the date and day of publish can be seen, yippie~!!
Home sweet home after a month recovers my good mood in blogging, how wonderful!!! I just couldn't stop myself from listening to FT Island's new song just like how I was addicted to Super Junior's Bonamana few months back. ciao. xoxo

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...Yee Lin... said...

Actually I'd wanted to go there last week!

Now, your post makes me even wanna go there more!