Thursday, August 12, 2010


You would love to type Korean but have no idea where is the location of those alphabets? This is the problem that I was facing previously. I need to trial and error on every key on the keyboard to search for alphabet, it is kinda stupid I know. Finally, I've got the solution for this problem, not too late though. Please have a look at the cool table that I made for myself.
 Doesn't it look like the chemistry table? Don't criticise my handwriting, alright as long as I understand. LOL    

I saw a group in Facebook namely [I never finish my eraser because it is either stolen, lost or cut in half]. I wonder who the heck would steal your small little tiny cheapo eraser? Well, I used to face the problem of missing eraser, couldn't find it in my pencil case when I need it. However, now the problem I am facing is when could I finish that piece of eraser? You wouldn't believe if I say I have been using the same piece of eraser for 2 years but indeed I am. My friend bought the same eraser with me at the same time but she has finished many pieces of eraser from last time till now.  The current size of my eraser is the 60% of its original size. LOL

Wisdom is only found in truth

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