Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fresh air

The urge to go traveling is so strong nowadays. HMPH!! It can be within Malaysia or outside Malaysia but of course, preferably outside Malaysia. There are many places that I have never been to even  in Malaysia itself. I feel so pumpkin!! Family has no time as they need to work. Friends? It seems so hard to plan a trip. That time was in tutorial class and I overheard classmates' conversation ( They were just behind speaking too loudly). A girl accusing another guy always reject their invitation for trip yet immediately say yes when hometown's friends suggested to go Taiwan or go outing with brothers. However, when classmates invite, he would use all sort of reason to push away the invitation. I suppose this problem happens in every gang. It doesn't matter for how long you know a person but your willingness to go outing with them. A person can know you for years and can't be bothered by all your suggestions to any place but he/she would be attending every outing that being asked by the other fella. Don't you agree? Under my observation, I seriously think that people prefer to go out with friends of the opposite gender. Transportation can be a problem too. Wanna go in a big gang. better settle the transportation before inviting who and who. Accommodation is one of the factors too. You would love share a room with your mates to save money before you start to earn money. Squeeze with friends can be fun but suffering sometimes. However, there will always be somebody sacrificing despite paying the same rate. Lastly, the most important factor is WHO YOU ARE!! If you an outgoing person who could hang out with everyone and they love you so much as a friend, laughter would not stop with you around, of course you will be in the list. What if your peers don't wish to ask you out? There are so many things that we wouldn't know because people wouldn't tell. Humans are under controlled by emotions. For God knows why I am not so in the mood recently, as I myself have no reason why. How I wish I could be a journalist so I could grab the chance to taste those heavenly delicious food everywhere and leave my footsteps everywhere too. This dream can never come true. I need some fresh air from outside to experience the difference. And did you know that, when people type ''haha'' at IM doesn't really mean that they are actually laughing but merely a habit to add it after a sentence?      

I hate assignments and exams. The reason is simple, mainly because I am not good in it, am not clever and lazy to make it better. Life is not wonderful all the time, isn't it?  =(

Wisdom is only found in truth

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