Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Genting Highland

The last time I went to Genting Highland was 2 years ago in year 2008. I have been disturbing everyone to go Genting with me but always couldn't make it. Finally, this time we made it. It was a very rushing and tiring 2 days 1 night trip. The first day morning we rushed like mad to catch on the bus. As you know, traffic jam in the morning is a normal scene added on with rainy day, it became worst. The whole bus waited for the 2 of us to get on the bus then only headed to Genting. Finally we reached there after 6 hours journey. I seriously don't expect that much of crowd at Genting on weekdays, kinda shock. Welcome to Malaysia, hope you like here and spend more. XD (Commoners like couldn't stand on the price hike anymore, our dearly Government...) I miss the Hou Mei's food so we went there for lunch and we met a family. The children are mixed blood, Chinese and Caucasian, OMG the girl is so pretty and the little boy is so handsome. We just simply couldn't take our eyes from them. 

This time was kinda different from the previous trips because I didn't enter outdoor theme park and played only indoor facilities. We missed the latest turtle motion master but never mind, we went for the haunted house theme of motion master. The corridor of waiting for it is quite meaningful as it is full with lots of questions and make you think, at the meantime it kills your waiting time so that you wouldn't feel so boring. It's time to explore the First World Casino. I planned to walk in like nothing but still the security guard stopped me and he was like kinda couldn't believe we could enter. I went in to grab a cup of free hot milo then turning around the gamble tables see how they play. Casino is a bigger games arcade for the adults to entertain themselves. You might smile or you might sad, who knows.

The disadvantage of not booking hotel room earlier is to pay a higher rate and get a more expensive room. However, we were so shock to see how big the room is, comfortable neh. Rest for a while then went for steamboat. That's my first time of eating steamboat without perspiring here and there. haha We finished dinner at 10pm then started to think how to fully utilise our indoor them park ticket before the day ends. 

Recently the kids are really damn cute. They could play with you like friends as though they know you for quite long time. We met a family with the parents and two cute sons. The eldest son dedicated one whole song to us in front of the toilets. haha The youngest son is even cuter when he said, ''Superman bye bye'' after I called him Superman.
I only realised that interior of First World Plaza is seemed like copying the design of Macau's Casino, don't you think so? With the clouds drew on the ceiling, the river with boats but the one at Macau is a real person riding the boat plus live singing. Oh, how much I wish I could visit Macau's Casino and do window shopping there. 


A few times to Genting but my first ride on this boat

Back to my childhood riding on a horse       

 We told the person in-charged we just wanna take photos, that's all.
FYI, this merry go round is just for children 12 years old and below 
we were the only 4 adults on the ride yet riding on the horse

It's late, everywhere is closed. So, it's time to visit the biggest casino in Malaysia at Highland. This is the second time of entering but first time walking in legally. It's kinda fascinating. I have a very complicated feeling while seeing how those uncles and aunties bet. Are they placing all their property on the gamble table and hoping to win the bet? Will they end up with nothing? Will they be sad? OK, I might watch too much of drama showing those people lose their money and their life. I saw how people got angry when both of them claiming the chip is his or hers. Some were really so focusing and enthusiastic  How I wish I could tell them, can you please stop it without getting a whack from them...haha 

The next morning we went to the First World games arcade to play the basketball machine. Guess what? I broke my own record and got about 210 score per game. Woohoo~~ Oh the day before we went to gun shooting, my best mark was 9.6 out of 10. This reminds me of the shooting at PLKN, none of my bullet on the board. LOL Holding a real gun with real bullet is really so much different, no should say, TOTALLY different. If one day I were to hold a real gun and go to the war, immediately I would die on the spot.   

OK, the end of my Genting post. It's nice to enjoy the cooling weather over there and this time sweater is kinda extra for this trip. I did spend quite a lot on the accommodation, transportation and meals but I bought another good experience with my dearly friends. 2 of them are flying to UK, could only meet them after a long long time. Duh, I am gonna miss them lots. How? I couldn't go KL as nobody would entertain me anymore. haha Nobody would bring me to taste nice food anymore. Do stay there longer for me to do savings and visit you girls there or pray hard for me to strike lottery. LOL    

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