Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy Birthday to Papa

Papa's birthday celebration post is finally here. I used to think that my papa's birthday is in December but little did I know that is merely a date and not the actual day. O.O So, papa's lunar birthday is just few days after mine. Happy Birthday to papa, the best daddy in my heart, love ya muackssss =)
We went to a seafood restaurant at Megah Ria. You could see Singapore just right in front of you, the industry area. Saw quite many Blackstone's friends until I was quite embarrass to take him out. It was papa's big day so we ordered quite many dishes. 

 There are few more dishes that I didn't show 'cause you would not what is that unless there's caption for it. So, save it~ Choose few mouth watering dishes to show are enough =)
 This is my first time to finish drinking a whole coconut drink by myself. Slurrrppp~~ So nice when you drink it after eating seafood, fantastic!!

 I like this photo very much though it is blur and nothing special. I personally think that it is nice. Perasan~!! 

Now, I am gonna show you how an auntie carries a little baby in her arms. From the way she carries, you would know that she is not used to it. hahaha She loves the smell of baby. Besides that, she loves to pinch baby's cheeks, so cute~!!

She has damn long eye lashes...envy envy

 Which guy doesn't know that a female needs to use sanitary pad? Every guy knows, right? So why females need to feel embarrassing to make payment of sanitary pad with guys around? I have no idea 'cause I would feel embarrassing too, it would be even embarrassing if the cashier is male. haha Here comes another question, why there are some stupid guys would think an unused sanitary pad is dirty and refuse to touch it or even touch a bag that contains it? Eh hello, do you know how uneasy for females to undergo this every month yet you are making fun of the things? If females do not undergo this, you would not have the chance to talk all these nonsense. Please respect women!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth
had a very fun 3 hours dinner with ah yen =)

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