Friday, August 20, 2010

Individual work

While I was still lying on the bed thinking of whether to attend the lecture then I was informed that class is canceled due to certain reason. I was quite happy that lecturer canceled the class since I am just too lazy to attend class. I bet some of my classmates must be scolding why didn't him inform earlier so there's no need to rush for the assignment.haha (For those who couldn't finish theirs) FYI, he extend the due date to next Friday. Well, it makes no difference on me 'cause no matter how much time you give it to me, I will still finish it at last minute. assignment is done~!  LOL I am so proud of myself to finish an individual assignment wholly by myself for the FIRST time. It is something worth to celebrate of.

OK, the number of visitor's game going to start again. Who will be the 12345th visitor of this blog? I am waiting for your print screen's picture. =) Just for fun~!!

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