Friday, August 27, 2010

Peugeot 107

Do you know that Peugeot has one car called Peugeot 107? Wow I am so gonna heart it very much. When I was 15, I found that Perodua Kelisa looks so cute and wish to drive it once I got my driving license. Later then I saw Peugeot cars on the road and seems like very few people are driving it. After that I think that Peugeot's cars are nice too. There's one fine day while attending English for Science and Technology (EST), I can't stand anymore and I asked my teacher how to pronounce it. LOL I hope to get a correct pronunciation so that people won't laugh at me when I mention it. People love to laugh at my pronunciation, that's why. 

What did people laugh at me before? Check it out~!
  • Having curly hair . Yes, last time I used to think that I am the only one in the world having wavy hair if not why people love to laugh at me?
  • My name. People could make fun of my name regardless of mandarin or english name. What's so funny?
  • My hairy legs and hands. My primary classmate kept on laughing at my hairy legs and hands. I once think why am I so unlucky where girls should have clean and nice legs and hands until I met friends having the same problem with me or even obvious.
  • My nose. Yaya, that's right. There's once my friend told me that I have a big nose right in front of me. Then he or she kept on laughing. I don't remember who is she/he, lucky you. 
  • Fat. I know people would describe me as the big size one lor...Hey having a big tummy is my problem la, you so busybody buat pe =.= 
  • Pimples. Ok, this problem is slightly cured and getting better now. 
  • RESULT. I can feel the difference in people whenever result is released. What can I do? My gang always form by clever and hardworking people whereby I am the lazy and not clever one. 
I listed out so many problems that I have encountered. phew~ But can you see that I am still blogging right here, so why do people go commit suicide? WHY LAH? I am quite sensitive to people's reaction and behavior but I am still alive, so far. If you suicide because your whole family is killed and you wanna join them, I might understand. But you suicide just because that girl/boy rejects you and you think it's too tiring to live on this world. That's why, breaking up or reject a person don't use harsh words. It's too dangerous!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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...Yee Lin... said...

YES. I totally agree with you!

Commit suicide is not a solution.
It just gonna create more problems to others!