Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rookies' Diary

Rookie's Diary is really a very nice Taiwanese drama. The way they present the national service in a very interesting way so that audience would not feel bored. I really love this drama. Seriously, you should watch it~!! Click here to watch if you have no source. 

I experienced it before so I find it rather fun to watch it. The routine of an army. OK, mine is kinda playful type but I did experience.
5.30am - People on duty will wake us up
6.00am - Gather then report the number of people
6.30am - Start to do morning stretching, exercise, aerobic
7.30am - Breakfast
8.30am - Gather again then go to class
10.00am - Tea break
10.30am - Gather again for class
12.30pm - Lunch 
2.30pm - Gather again for activities 
4.30pm - Tea break
5.30pm - Gather again for evening exercise 
6.30pm - Dinner
8.00pm - Night activities 
11.30pm - Must off lights to sleep!

Every time when they ask questions, definitely will ask more than once loudly. If they are not happy with our actions, they will require us to do back the previous action then do again, repeat and repeat. Some teachers are nice but some are strict. However, they would still help you if you are having any difficulty. We still could drink sugared tea and not only plain one. But, definitely are hot tea, not cold tea. There's a small shop selling tidbits or biscuits. We will always waiting for it to open so could buy something to eat. Public phones are like hot cakes during weekdays. I only call home when using public phone. Saturday is the most happy day, simply because we could get our mobiles. My friends would call randomly, sometimes. We must make sure our blanket are folded nicely, no wrinkles on the bed sheet so must pull it nicely. Boots, shoes, class shoes and slippers must be placed nicely under the bed. Besides that, you must wash your clothes everyday if not you would be so lazy to wash it after accumulate it. 2 weeks once family day is the most awaiting day. =)

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