Monday, August 16, 2010

San Shu Gong

I am never tired to blog about Malacca. We made a few hours outing to Malacca town to cari makan and walk around. We were feigning as tourists, but did we succeed? There's a group of people was shooting video or introducing Malacca or something like that. 
A bowl of Baba Laksa as lunch to fill the stomach maximised the satisfaction and stop the crave for laksa. However, I personally think that it doesn't taste that delicious as previous. 
Walking here and there at Jonker Street, have no idea where to shoot then we stopped at a air-conditioned shop namely [San Shu Gong]. 
Now, I am gonna show you the things inside that red building. OK, start from the ground floor. 

Don't you think this character is way too cute?

Not local? Thinking of buying something that could represent Malacca or prove your trip to Malacca? Come here to buy few products back. (Erhem..btw you could get it in anywhere of Malaysia, not only Malacca =.=)

Now let's go up to the first floor. My first visit so I was quite excited and pumpkin wann appeared immediately.
The cafe is full with that cute cartoon characters. Don't you think that this window is welly decorated?
 I like this counter. OMG~!!
 Chocolate was on leave so just randomly picked a bear from the shop to take picture
don't you think it is cute?
It's so fluffy, I am gonna die~~~
 This is a foot-step dustbin

Here comes the portraits of the model of the day. haha So sorry for her because I have no skills at all. This is the best shots I could get. Sorry ya, kawan~ I don't think the others would be willing to be my model anymore. haha

 Look down from 1st floor and there's a long queue down there. No matter how hot the sun was, how long the queue was, people still willing to wait. However, I never tried the chicken rice ball from this shop so no idea how's the taste. There's another shop selling chicken rice ball too, just right beside San Shu Gong. The name of the shop is Ho Kee if not mistaken, long queue too. So make sure you are early before the chicken rice balls are sold out.


We saw this super little cute boy at downstairs. I just totally ignored his parents and take photos of him. His father was taking his photos too and asking him to pose. I was so lucky to have this shot as he was moving around. FYI, his dad is a caucasian and his mum is a Chinese. 90% of mixed blood children look so cute, handsome and pretty.

There's too many photos on this single post so gonna post about the second part of the day in the coming post. Stay tuned =) Who wanna sponsor a better lens to me??

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