Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sony NEX5

Photos speak a thousand words. Everyone defines a picture different, simultaneously would be getting different message from it. Recently, friends are sharing a commercial video of Sony NEX5 at facebook. Photos are nothing but memories. My interest in photography developed few years back but this video urges me to keep the passion for photography always. 

He is happy to snap photos for her girl and keep it in an album. At last, the girl is willing to let him snap her photos while lying on the bed with the oxygen mask on her face.  Who wanna be my personal photographer? LOL 
I wonder where is their child, remember they do have a child? @.@ This video made me missing of my grandparents and envy those who still having their grandparents with them now. I am missing the wrinkled hand that used to hold my hand and brought me go jalan-jalan. I am missing the palm of hand that patting my back and asking me not to cry after get scolded from parents. How are you??

Photographers out there, please watch the video below. =) Some tips to you.

Wisdom is only found in truth
Long life, photography =)

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