Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wa Zen

We finished our very last mid term test on Monday so we decided to dine at Wa Zen as a minor relaxing session. Oh well, it is a Japanese Restaurant situated at Melakaraya. If you want to have a little corner for privacy concern, I am afraid you should call and book a place first. The restaurant is really so small, limited space for movement. 
  A roll of warm towel for you to clean your hands

 Hey, familiar huh?
Cute little toothpick container or vase? whatever

Chilli powder
You would see them at the entrance
There are lots of Japanese comics, magazines or newspaper at the shelf. It is beside all these displays. 

I was so surprise that I could actually do shopping inside campus. hahaha I went to watch Inception again yesterday. Hmm...I think I should have understood why, finally. Before the movie started, we dined at Sushi King. Yum yum, udon =) I am so Japanese recently. 

Too bored then I called my mum. 
Me: Aiyerrr...left me alone at my unit, so boring
Mum: Go find Audrey then..
Me: She went back to her hometown edi
Mum: Why didn't you follow her?
Me: By the time I reach Larkin will be so late, you all wouldn't come to fetch me also
Mum: Nonono...I mean follow Audrey back home..See her mum then you call mama
Me: *speechless* 
(After a while)
Me: My campus has one boutique and I bought something from there leh
Mum: Good tell that fella you wanna write an IOU for her
Me: Sot ar..I am not buying that much also
(A while)
Mum: Wait boss is here, I pass the phone to him. (The boss is my dad..)
Me: Why wor? 
Mum: Tell him you need money yourself
Me: WHAT LAH~~~ I still have money laaaaaaaaaaa..You think Malacca's food very cheap huh?

Hello, I don't only call home when I am out of cash laaaa mum =( Some more Audrey's mum wouldn't want a stupid and ugly daughter like me. Only you a bit unlucky to have me as daughter. hehe OK my mum does know saying food is expensive is just an excuse if only you know where my mum comes from. LOL

2 siao za bo playing webcam at 3am+  LOL
Wisdom is only found in truth

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