Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I just got back from the funeral hall. It was quite empty, only a few people there. Tears rolled down immediately after looking at your photo putting on the rack. You look so nice in the photo. After offering joss sticks to you, we went over to see you. Looking through the glass, you are lying peacefully down there. Oh gosh, you still look  so nice with your smile. I have no idea how painful was it when you had your last breathe but your face looks so nice and ease. You used to smile and laugh so much. Therefore, I tried to keep the atmosphere not that serious. We were chatting with laughter too, did you hear that? Learned your story from the others and I was impressed. Indeed, you could be a somebody actually but sadly lady luck wasn't with you all the time. 

I opened my book and my notes, planned to study but you are appearing in my mind all the time. I could see the way you walk, the way you laugh, the way you wave. Everytime you see me, you would hold my hand and say , hey ah wann come d ar? who brings you here? If I happened to be eating, ask whether you want some? Sometimes you would say, OK give me some or you would say, Oh I had eaten, you all eat. You love nice food just like me. Both you and me have big appetite. Sometimes, God gives you this and He will not give you another thing. But, He is unfair for sometimes too. Why are those bad jerks living happily and continue by doing harm? Hey God and dear late grandparents, please stop summoning your children back, I still need them here badly. I don't expect to attend a funeral so soon after a year yet you are forcing me to do so. To all God, please bless that my beloved family and friends are living healthily and happily. It's gonna take me a long time to heal the wound as the previous wound isn't fully recovered yet. 

How I wish this is just a dream when I wake up and I could see you again. Could you please enter my dream and let me say goodbye to you? Let's meet up in next life =) Will you be able to receive my letter if I burn one? People, life is unpredictable meanwhile it is fragile too. Kindly cherish people around you and always give them your best with a smile. I wanna dedicate the song below to you.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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ChewHui said...

Girl,i knew the pain..but what we going to do is keeping the memories deep down inside the heart and continue to move on with's aint easy,but remember that you are not alone.. do cherish everything everyone u have..
sayang sayang..dont tear so much k..stay good there ya..go study!!