Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Alright, I am so enthusiastic to write this blog post despite I have not studied for my tomorrow's exam yet. =) 
I was still telling my friend, everyone is using an iPhone right now and I wish to have one. Somehow, I think it is kinda impossible for me to get it now as it is not cheap. BUT...wait~!! Yellow man is offering iPhone now. That's so great and awesome. Have been waiting for so long time. I am always a loyal user of Digi and currently using D'Campus package. Yeah you know, student. 

For why do I want a Digi iPhone4? That's easy. My current cell phone doesn't have wifi for me to online anytime when there is a wireless connection available. Thanks Digi for giving free access to facebook but I couldn't view the photos and just words. I am kinda of envy people that could take photos and upload to facebook or twitter immediately or even blog about it. I love to take photos and I love to blog, facebook could provide me this function well. 1 stone kills 2 birds, right? *grins* iPhone has Lomo effect and Polaroid effect for taking photos too. This saves my time to do addition editing to the photos. Besides that, iPhone's screen is so wide (obviously >.<). I could view the photos in a bigger size and use my fingers to stretch it bigger to even see your pimples on your face. LOL That's fun! I could use it either vertically or horizontally, it would change by following my preference. I need music anytime anywhere. I am not studying at my hometown so  I do need to travel all the time. Neither my cellphone or mp4 has so huge storage than iPhone. Like I said I need to travel and at times traveling alone is kinda bored when you have nothing to do. No, nothing much I could do on a bus, LOL. The games apps of iPhone would entertain me perfectly because it is so fun. I could use iPhone to watch videos on Youtube too, isn't it so great? 

If I possess a Digi iPhone4 then I could update my facebook status, Twitter and blog as often as I like even when I am traveling at other places without my lappie beside me. It allows me to catch up with the news feed at facebook as current as I could. I really wish to have one. I dream a lot recently, will this be included in my dreams later?? Just like how I dreamed that I went to Korea when I desperately wanna go to Korea.

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...Yee Lin... said...

Go for it Evelyn.. GO Go GO! Hehe..

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