Monday, September 27, 2010


Just being bored and I Google [Evelynwann] at the search engine. Guess what I got? I thought I would probably get things that I sign up by using evelynwann  as user name since this is a combination of names, rare to get. But hey, there was a girl named Evelyn Wann. There's so surprising. 

Beulah Evelyn Wann (b. October 14, 1914)

Beulah Evelyn Wann (daughter of Charles Matthew Wann and Janie Flannagin) was born October 14, 1914 in mu;ldrow oklahoma sequoyah county. She married Ira Lester Lessley on October 30, 1930.

More About Beulah Evelyn Wann and Ira Lester Lessley:
Marriage: October 30, 1930
I thought I might be the only Evelyn Wann but sadly no. So, people try to Google your name and see what will you get it. It's fun. 


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yeanruey said...

haha mine is unique!!=p

Evelyn`Wann said...

yours..really..but who knows !! haha