Sunday, September 05, 2010


 My post was featured for minutes, at least it did. =) 

I have been slacking ever since I finished all my assignments. Revision so far 0% progressing. I told myself to study when I felt guilty for not revising but another side of me kept telling me, later or tomorrow. o.O 
2 calculative subjects and 4 comprehensive subjects. I think I need tonic. Tonic wouldn't help if I continue to laze around without studying. oh gosh~ Imma so in Raya's mood right now...duhhh It's a nationwide festive. =)

Have a look at my outfit that I wore it for my sis' birthday celebration dinner. If I were to sell clothes through the net, is it OK to show the photos like this? LOL I see how those blogshop owners show the photos and I modified it. =) SEE, I didn't really show my face though...hahaha

2 ways of using the bag, cling it on your hand or sling it. It is made by PVC material. errm..Ain't selling anything just being fun. XD 

Wisdom is only found in truth


Maxloon120 said...

It looks nice for me. How much had you bought it? :)

Evelyn`Wann said... interested to buy if I sell? LOL
It's a birthday present though...