Friday, September 24, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 4

Bonjour~! Comment allez-vous? Anyone here is missing Queen B and Serena? They spent their whole summer in Paris. Alright, the waiting is over 'cause Gossip Girl Season 4 is out NOW!! Oh so great, I could catch the soap right after my exam, woohoo so excited. Is Chuck going to be with Blair again or change partner? How about Serena and Nate? Is Dan really having a child with Georgina? Is Jenny Humphrey coming back to create chaos again? Will Serena attend Columbia University as she has enrolled into it? I wonder how complicated their relationship will be for this season. Well well, puzzles will be solved 1 by 1 in each episode. One last one, will Queen B continue to wear her favourtie bow head band? LOL 

I seriously in love with this drama soap just like how others addicted to Prison Break series, CSI, Vampires Diaries S1&2, Pretty Little Liars and so on. Can I be friend with Queen B? hahaha

Let's have a preview on this Season 4. You gotta love it. 

Click here to read more about Gossip Girl Season 4.  xoxo. you know you love me. =D

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