Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I love you

When I was a kid, you used to ask me whether I want any ice-cream and brought me to the little old style sundry shop. You would always call my name and I feel happy. OMG OMG....Suddenly the memory between you and me seem so little. I know you love to eat and everytime you see me you would ask me to eat too. Your English is good and I heard your younger time's stories from your siblings. Always you would come with your husband riding on the motor then you will remove your helmet and say HI ah wann. You slim down a lot a lot when I saw you. I have no idea what to type anymore. The last photo taken with you was last year's October. Thank God I took one with you if not I am gonna regret like last time. I know you would back to the God's side one day but I never knew it so soon. I thought I could see you again and hear you calling me J1 again. 
God, don't you think you are so cruel to me? Always you chose to tell me on the last day of a semester and before study week. That time I wanted to go back hometown, my mum told me not to go back 'cause she is coming. TODAY, she is breaking the same news to me as well. WTF I don't want to lose anyone, NOT ANYONE!!!! My hands are giggling just like 1 year ago and tears couldn't stop after I heard the news. I miss you and I really do. We are so near yet I couldn't see you. Oh God, please treat my love one good beside you. PLEASE..my heart is not strong enough to accept any this kind of news. A year has passed and I still couldn't accept it, I still think that he is still with me
AND NOW...you are taking another one away from me. How are you going to ask me to accept it??? HOW!!!! Do you know how hard for me accept it?? Do you know how hard for me to breathe now?? I don't think world is fair...IT'S UNFAIR...OMG I am damn furious and sad right now.  I HATE IT!!!!!Why I don't take portrait so much? haizz...one of the reasons for loving photography so much is to keep memory...

Thank you for participating my life for 21 years. I will keep you in my memory forever. Your smile, your laughter, your voice, your everything...omg I miss you...Please enjoy your life in heaven and be a happy angel over there. We will miss you always but don't worry, we will be fine. I love you =) 

May you rest in peace. If there's reincarnation, let's meet up again. I think tears wouldnt stop rolling down when I see you lying coldly in the coffin. I think you less suffering right now, am I right? Life is sux...hate it for the moment...I am gonna accompany you till the last day you leave this world physically forever...I will chant for you!! Amitabha~~

Wisdom is only found in truth

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