Saturday, September 04, 2010


Oh, this is great. I have found another girl having the same problem with me - curly hair. I read through her post and we are facing the same problem since our poor childhood time. Get teasing and numerous of questions about the hair. It's kinda annoying. Check out her blog.
I love to browse through people's blog and I do learn something though. So, does this consider as a part of practical where not necessary can be found in text books? You see, people wrote about their experiences so you know they went through and their views on it. It would be much easier for you to refer and solve your own problems if you do have it. So now, I am kinda vex about the internship application. Which company should I go to and would they probably accept me as a trainee? This is the very first question I am gonna ask. If I got selected then I probably gonna worry will I learn something there or will the colleagues like me and teach me something and how would they treat me? Oh gosh, I didn't know that I am gonna face all these office politics so soon. It's so challenging and scary. May God bless me. =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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