Thursday, September 02, 2010

Prune essence

I am currently addicted to one product - Brands' Prune Essence. The addiction started right after my BP trip. It's good for your eyes and skin, and more effectively than finish up the whole packet of prunes by chewing it. Just drink a bottle easier than eating it. The smell and taste of prune is strong but I love it. For those who want to diet, this product could help you too. 
This is the colour of the prune essence. My sis is having a bottle of it daily and same goes to me when I am back to my home sweet home. We both love it so much =) Recently only I found out that my diva Rainie is the ambassador of this product in Taiwan. If only I could have nice skin complexion like her after drinking this, hehe. 

You can drink it by keeping it under room temperature or place it inside the fridge before consuming it or pour it into a glass with ice cubes. Follow your own preference =) 
Support Nikon, Support Brands prune essence. ♥

Lastly, let you guess, what is this? It's Chinese' Whiskey.

Wisdom is only found in truth
It's herbal tea =) hee-haa 

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