Friday, October 29, 2010

New Kpop

 It's Kpop sharing post again! These are the latest Korean songs that I listen to. 

First, let me show you all guys' dream girls - Girls' Gneration or SNSD. This is their new song, Hoot. The guy at the beginning is Siwon from Super Junior. Somehow I do think that SNSD's poster are over edited 'cause few members don't really have that super slim legs. Just a piece of comment from me but kind of jealous too.  LOL

소녀시대 -

Next, gonna show you a group of artiste from SM Town too, SHINee. Recently, one of the members, JongHyun was reported currently dating with a Korean artiste. SHINee's fans must be damn sad but why sad? =.= 
SHINee - Hello

Now, let's move on to JYP Entertainment's group [One day]. They are not others but 2AM and 2PM =)
I am getting to like 2AM's songs because of their beautiful voices. After watching [We Got Married], I like them more! 
2AM- 미 친 듯 이 (michindeunsi) / Like crazy

2PM - I'll be back 

Miss A is a girl group from JYP too. Check out their new song, Breathe. 

That's all. Enjoy!

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